3 Reasons Why I’m Not Buying Samsung Galaxy S or Galaxy S2

I own a Samsung galaxy 3, an entry-level android phone. I was looking for an upgrade, I picked galaxy S2 for being the best phone ( On paper ) in the market, and Apple iPhone 4 because its apple. I ruled out iPhone 4 for the following reasons

  • Its specs are no where close to Galaxy S2.
  • For the restrictions that come with iOS.

The only phone left now is Galaxy S2, at the moment there is no phone in the market that could come close to it. But when i went to the store to check it, I had to decide against it for the following reasons.

  1. Its made of plastic, doesn’t have a premium finish. Looks very plasticky and fragile.
  2. Volume key is wrongly positioned. When you hold the phone in you right hand, your middle finger will be on the volume key. There is no clear distinction between the UP and DOWN, and the key gets pressed very often when you hold the phone in your hand and setting the ringer volume to ZERO.
  3. No short key for camera, you cannot take photos with one hand and no self portraits.

Samsung galaxy s2

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are my personal. Galaxy S2 is THE best phone available in market today,  but it just doesn’t feel like a premium phone in hand and has poor ergonomics.

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56 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I’m Not Buying Samsung Galaxy S or Galaxy S2

  1. Just happened…. S2 is almost empty of battery, I plug the power cord and then….. it turn off… Amazingly stupid.

  2. I am reading this ridiculous blog on my s2!!! I have had the iPhone 4 and now I have the s2 and I could not be more pleased with this phone. Let me start off with the size of this screen!!! It’s just about the same size if not a wee.bit bigger than the whole.entire iPhone. Not only is it big but the display is mind blowing. I have never seen anything like it on a phone before. Yes it is made in a plastic material but it does not feel cheap nor fragile you can tell it is a very sturdy phone, which thanks to the plastic is also light which is super nice. No there is no not a side camera button which does kinda suck but it takes very good pics with the front camera that it really does not make a difference you don’t even need the button. And the speed of this phone is extraordinary I am so impressed by how quick it is. This phone is absolutely amazing I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!! It looks great, feels great, and most importantly it works great!! If you do not have this phone you are most definitely missing out and need to get it asap!!! Even if I were to get an iPhone for free I would not give the s2 up for it that’s for sure.

  3. L.O.L. after reading all these shit talking about i4 and s2 and s3.
    I came to one steady conclusion. s2 and s3 are really better then i4 or i4s,” I will never and ever buy any phone made of plastic.
    If I do,” then I buy in CHINA cause everything in CHINa is plastic.
    If you buy a s2 or s3 then consider buying a chain connected from the s2 to your pocket,so it will never fall apart when it’s dropped.

  4. Maybe the reviewer was holing it upside down

  5. I’m in front of my computer typing this with both the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S2 not too far away from me. I purchased the 4 awhile ago while only getting the S2 just last month. The phone is absolutely incredible. I’m in love with it. As for the size, I feel it’s perfect and my hands are of normal size. The only issue that I have with it over the i4 is the mail handling, specifically the viewing of embedded photos within email. The i4 shows images inline within the email. With the S2, I have to basically click on the attachments. It’s not a terrible issue, but one that still has me carrying both phones with me at all times. The speed of the S2 is freaky. I’ve owned many phones and nothing tops this, imo. I love the weight of the phone. It’s amazing that it’s much larger than the i4, yet so feather light.

  6. 1. Made of plastic has its advantage which is it doesn’t crack into pieces when dropped (think iPhone 4) and its much lighter which is extremely important if you use your phone for a long period of time as you won’t want to strain your hand. And plastic is definitely not fragile. Try breaking the phone into half with your bare hands if you can.

    2. Volume key’s position is perfect. The location of the volume key makes it easy for your index and middle finger to adjust the volume if you hold it correctly. Though i agree that the volume key does not have enough spring which results in the volume key being pressed instead while pressing the lock/power button, thus requires some time to get used to.

    3.If you want to take pictures with the rear camera you can with some practice even with the absence of the dedicated physical camera button. Again you can take pictures with one hand with practice, unless you have a small hand. In that case you shouldn’t even consider getting this phone in the first place. Lastly, self portrait is definitely possible with the front facing 2MP camera which takes really decent photos.

    Other comments:
    Battery cover is made of a good material. Go youtube and you will find many videos showing how flexible the battery cover is but at the same time it does not break.

  7. You’re right. Just got myself a Samsung Galaxy S2. Even though it looks nice but you are definitely right ! The volume key pissed me off ! And there’s no camera shortcut key for me to selfportrait with 8mp back camera. Which is so bad for me. Last… It cant obtain a ip address when connecting to my FTW wifi network !

  8. you got ass , you don’t know shit about phones , Samsung galaxy s2 is currently the best phone available in the market and i suppose Samsung galaxy 3 is not plastic and can record in 1080p “get a life”.its the thinnest android phone in the market and one of the most lightweight phones of all times . the camera button is just fine and the problem is when you don’t how to use it.

  9. I don’t like large phones at all, have you seen the latest Samsung Galaxy Note, it has a 5.3″ Smartphone + Tablet + Notepad. Yuck!

    Galaxy SII is powerful but then it is too big for me to handle, i would always have to take extra care of it. I would never buy a phone like that.

    3 – 3.5″ suit me – iPhone. :)

  10. boo!! haha.. this guy is apple boy.. mybe he got iphone4 suck.. lol

  11. You might need to customize a phone that is built on concrete with steel reinforcements..hehehe :)
    You will definitely need to see the video that talks about the quality of plastic material that i was used to case the S2. The video is really convicing on the toughness of the material..
    so my word for you – Do your homework again on S2. I am sure you will change your verdict. Good luck mate…

  12. @Bob – you’re gay LOL… LOL again….

  13. I think your comments are over looking down on the Samsung Galaxy S2! It’s just your own prejudice to the Samsung Galaxy S2.
    I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I am quite satisfied with it. Firstly, its screen is wide and having vivid display! Secondly, its cover is still good, although it is made from plastic, anyway its look isn’t that bad, it is still cool-looking! Thirdly, the speed and volume are awesome! Overall it’s a good phone that can be competitive to other phones among the market.

  14. well i own one and its awesome… don’t know why you even bother with those 3 reason of yours when there’s like a million other reasons to love the phone… well that just from my point of view though.. good luck to you mate..

  15. Some more issues encountered while using it:

    1) Cannot change email or SMS font settings while composing.
    2) No integrated Spell Checker/Dictionary or word suggestions while composing mails/messages.

  16. …but you’re still a douchebag I’m afraid… I mean, you know what they say; ‘once a douchebag, always a douchebag’.

    or was it, ‘a douche is for life, not just for Christmas’…?

  17. Thx Satish,

    I am here cause I am just back from croma after rejecting iphone4 and finalizing Sammy S2 and i googled: Reasons not to buy samsung S2. Amazing I happen to find only your post in this context.
    1. Finish: Totally agree. It does not have premium finish. Iphone4 has glass in front glass at back and metal frame in between.
    2. Vol keys: Valid point. But I guess I’ll live with it
    3. Shortcut for Camera: I hear you buddy, why would i ever want to click others in 8mp and myself in 2mp, after all its my phone. But same problem is with iphone4 isn’t it?

    Overall its a best phone available, though your post made me think, but i know i’ll end up buying it over iphone4. Lets see!! :)

    • Yeah, its the best phone available in the market.
      I was hoping something better will hit the market, but cant see anything in the near future.
      Those three reasons aren’t enough now, ordered mine today, will get it by Monday.

  18. I hate to say it Satish, but you’re a douchbag.

    Also, it’s not fragile at all – it’s fitted with something called ‘Gorilla Glass’, which if you check youtube, is pretty much scratch-proof (beyond raking a stanley knife down it). I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen iPhones with their screens shattered.

    The display is simply beautiful too – the colours man! the colours!

    Speed… breath-taking.

    Oh yeah, and you don’t look like a gormless sheep who simply buys an iPhone cos he thinks it makes him look cool.

    Your reasons for not climbing aboard the Galaxy S2 Express are pitiful and you should be ashamed of yourself mate.

    And let me guess, you support Chelsea. Yawn.

    • If only you read it when you were sober.

      *I’m not talking about the display, its about the frame that holds it. If the frame is not rigid, glass will break because of strain.
      scratch proof doesn’t imply that it can with stand strain.

      *Open the plastic cover at the back five times, and next time you drop your phone, you should collect 3 pieces.

      It has a stunning display and its the fastest phone in the market, but it just doesn’t have a premium feel.

      • it is as rigid as they come Satish, as rigid as they come.

        Face it, you’re argument is weak.

        “Open the plastic cover at the back five times, and next time you drop your phone, you should collect 3 pieces”

        …very presumptuous of you there Satish – the phone is pretty much a solid block, the only detachable bit being the battery cover, which is held in place by 7 or 8 ‘grips’ located all around the opening, so once it’s in place, it’s not gonna come out easily.

        The phone is a tank.

        It’s the Michael Jordan of mobile phones.

        …the Don Corleone.

        ……the Roles Royce.

        You’ve missed the boat and you’re trying to save face by telling yourself you’re better off for not having it.

        It feels slick and light in your hand and the display will literally blow you away. I used to think iPhone’s were the dogs b’s until I got this and compared the quality of the display.

        • Bob, get a life, buddy!!! I am pretty much surprised that even while writing, it didn’t strike you that how much of hatred and sadness in on display in your post and in yourself.

          Satish did said that its his personal opinion, either like it or leave it, and if you tend to disagree be sober with your arguments.

          Dont abuse the power of internet and the privilege of voicing the opinion.

          • lol, it’s funny how my rambling on constitutes me being drunk…! surely a drunken post would simply read: “Satish – you ****, it’s a ****ing great phone!”…?!

            Listen, Satish went to the effort of busting out a blog about why he doesn’t like the phone for the most insignificant reasons known to man, so I responded in a mildly ridiculing manner – standard internet behaviour I feel…!

            Yeah, so I opened with the line about him being a douchebag, which might set your teeth on edge, but other than that it’s all pretty reasonable arguments I feel!

            Anyway, Satish, just so you know; you’re still a douchebag in my eyes mate – especially now it turns out you’re buying an SGS2…!



            • You were contradicting what i dint say

              They say, never argue with a fool, they are going to bring you down to their level and beat you with their experience.

              And I just experienced it first hand.

              Thanks anyway for dropping by.

              • Satish, you’re a dude, I’ll give you that, you’re a dude.

                You’re gonna love the S2 when it arrives too.


                • Yes, I love it. Volume key isnt a problem, its not soft as galaxy3 and the build quality is not that bad.

                  Audio is really good, I wasnt expecting it.

                  I’m not sure if its android thing or Samsung did it, option to use home button for picking up the call and power button for ending is cool. I always missed physical buttons for these two basic functions in the latest smartphones.

                  Hows the battery life for you? Mine doesn’t come a day on full charge, I’m mostly using it for browsing on a poor edge network.

                  • I find that the battery doesn’t last the entire day also. But then again, nor does my iPhone 4. Heck, I still have the 3GS that I use for video recording. I don’t know a smartphone that can go a full 24 hours without having to give it some juice. I have numerous extended battery packs for my iPhones and I bought an additional spare for the Samsung. It’s just the nature of the beast. These things hot batter life. I do find that my Samsung is better, but that can be due to the fact that the batteries are brand new (only a month old.) But I’m just bummed out about the mail situation. I was hoping that I’d be able to get rid of both my 3GS and my 4 and just carry one phone on me. But as bionic as the S2 is, I still find the iPhones to be better at handling mail primarily because when people send mail with photos, they are embedded into the email.

    • Totally agree!!!

  19. Uhmm, though I can agree that the left hand issue with the volume button can be a problem, the other two seem way too picky to me.

    I added a shortcut to the camer on home, so it’s still basically one click away (if you’re at “home”)…and with SGSII you CAN take self portraits…hell you can even take snapshots.

    Other than that, after 3 weeks with this phone, the only reasons why I would understand someone not buying this phone is economical reasons, or it’s dimensions (it’s pretty big if you’re not used to). Other than that, it still kicks every other phone’s ass. I couldn’t recommend it more =)

    • How are u going to figure out where the capture button when you are taking your photo?

      • Ummm… i hav the Samsung galaxy s2 and last time i checked, it has a front facing Camera

        • yeah, I totally forgot about that. Anyway front facing camera is no match to the actual camera.

          • use the timer.. set it for 5 secs and press the capture button and focus.. u get the best pic

          • Satish, sorry to say, you sound so foolish. Please do not make these kinds of posts. S2 has 2mp front facing cam while even iphone 4S has a VGA front cam. It makes no sense to have 8mp front cam (common sense). Brother, try read around first and then you can start posting. Desi logon ka izzat rakho.

            • LOL
              I’m not complaining that it doesn’t have a 8MP front camera, I’m saying you cant take self portraits with he 8MP camera as you don’t have a physical button.

  20. The reasons you have mentioned seems to be too silly to hate that phone. its the best phone in the market now. one can point out innumerous reasons to buy that phone. More here

    • I never said I hate that phone, It just doesn’t suit me.

      • You always have plenty of space to place a shortcut of your camera app on the desktop. and talking bout volume key, its hardly matter of few days to get accustomed to it.

        what i’m trying to portray is do not miss such an amazing phone experience by just going behind these silly reasons.

        again, this is just an advice and if you don’t like it, you can always ignore it :)

        • can self poitraits not be taken with the front facing camera…2mp isnt that bad a res compared with the htc sensations 0.3mp?

          • 2mp is bad compared to 8mp, anyway this is the best phone in the market today (Other competitors have more reasons for not buying). I’m gonna buy this this week.

            • Satish, 2mp is roughly a resolution of 1600×1200… enough even for A4 prints. Do you need any more?

              • then why do you have 8MP at the back? I don’t want compromises when i’m paying 30k

                • come on satish… admit that u hate this phone. and you are giving such cheesy reasons man.
                  I mean, do u really know to use technology???
                  Use timer in the camera and take self portrait with 8MP camera. if u really love the phone, u get the workarounds. but if u hate it, u will just hate it. but i am very sure that this is the best phone on earth right now..

                  • Why do i have to find some workarounds, If im paying 30k, I want everything to be perfect.
                    Its the best phone, but that doesn’t mean they can ignore small usability issues like this.

                • that \plasticky” feel u.claim the phone has is actuslly material selected by samsung as most durable dummy. if u drop samsung galaxy s2 it will not shatter like an iphone. also the feeling of weighing next to nothing is because it is the lightest phone ever so if u r not into a big 4.3 inch screen where u can actually see things properly and still be carrying a light break resistant phone then I guess the phone is not for u.

      • Yes the reasons are silly. By the way, the volume bottom is not at the middle finger. Maybe you are grabing it wrongly. The plastic of the back cover is also a good idea, because it makes the phone very, very light. Different from the heavy Iphones that heats with metal covers. My galaxy S felt down many times and nothing happened to it.

  21. good point dear sir, at first i was like, wtf samsung, how can i post 8 duckfaces/minute to my assbook profile?

  22. omg, no self-portraits?

    that’s it, the phone’s useless!

    • haha! nice one mate….the blog writer is soooo wrong because you can take self potraits with the 2mp front facing camera sooo BOOM, sgs2 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey all you fools there. everything you saying seems like a newbie. I mean self portrait is very easy and shortcut key to camera ( hahahaha ) how funny that reason seems to be. or you really seems to be a newbie :). Android allows you to put any shortcuts anywhere. what else you want. I guess you should go for baby nokia phone instead smartphone LOL.

    • Hey, come on guys… just use your brains.. you can take self portraits. u just have to use the timer in the camera. Ya i know it needs patients, but u wanna use the best phone on earth right?

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