5 Websites to Generate Fake US Accounts to use in iTunes, Forums, Websites and Test your Services

Today the world is almost heading to the ‘global village’ concept, but still many sites, and forums out there compel that you need a US address and only adds US members. It may be for the advertisers needs, but we often come across several situations where you needs it and is a must. So here is a way for you friends, to register in such services which are only available in US. The way is to simply generate a FAKE US ADDRESS. The sites are not going to visit your house and confirm whether it’s true or not. How they screen you is by checking if it’s valid only, And that too is by matching whether the desired fields like city, zip code etc are valid or not. And once you register, whatever your address may be, it doesn’t care.  But you may ask – ‘How could I create an US address which is valid ?’

Here is a List of 5 websites, that generates Fake and Valid US address for you – which seems really like a real address and you can sign up to any websites asking for US address.

#5 )  FakeUSAAddress.com ;-

So how much Fake addresses do you want  ? Countless…. They have it ! They have a huge list of Fake and valid US address which seems so real and can be used in any websites for sign up. navigate through the site and you will be amazed to see their huge database. Very useful !

#4 ) names.igopaygo.com ;-

Not just some addresses, they even contain the SQL codes to create a table with those values or to insert those values to another table. This is very helpful if you are collecting addresses for test data or check your services. Select the country as United states,  and select a value for number of items and you get any number of valid addresses

#3) Realusaaddress ;-

Similar to fakeusaaddress.com. Includes a list of several valid US address. Apart from US address, it also includes free address from UK, Germany, Spain etc. It can be used to access site that requires valid  European Addresses also. Useful for collecting as test data also.

#2) Namegerator.in ;-

Hmm….The domain is Indian, but generates Very realistic fake Business cards. You can get Fake US address, along with Fake US telephone number and a fake email account also. Very useful for sites where you don’t want to share your personal information such as email ID, phone number etc. Also applicable to US only sites which requires US phone numbers also !

#1) Fake Name Generator ;-

Perhaps the best, I should say. It creates not just an address, but a fake personality itself. It creates a fake profile which includes several fake data like fake credit card, birthday, mother’s maiden’s name, occupation, company, height and weight and even a FAKE BLOOD GROUP !! It can be used in any websites as it contains all possible info that a site may ask. Also the names, companies, mails and all else are really very realistic. Personally, I prefers to use this site

These sites can be to generate as many fake accounts you want for several services and websites. But, i recommend you not to misuse them. We provide you with this info because several websites like socialmonkee, amazon etc needs us address and these sites can be used at such occasions. Please! Don’t misuse it, Keep our trust!

NB: If you want no fake address and any correct address only, Just go to google maps and use the address of any cafe or restaurants. Also you can search on any online directories. But Do it at your risk, as the other may be effected for your deeds. We prefer using fake address as it’s fake and no one will be affected even if you use it.

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