Access Internet on PC using Android Tether Apps

Tether Internet on Android Mobile Phones

Did you know that you can tether Wi-Fi Internet on your Android mobile phone to use it on a PC or laptop?


Well if you haven’t let me tell you that Android 2.2 Froyo has an inbuilt Internet Tether Software that enables you to serve your phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Go to settings Wireless and network –>Tethering and portable hot spot -> Portable wi-fi hotspot settings and enable portable wi-fi hotspot

Steps to share your mobile internet connection with PC

Steps to share your mobile internet connection with PC on an android mobile

Earlier versions of Android do not have inbuilt Wi-Fi tethering options but don’t get disheartened because there is application which can replace that.

You can download these apps from Android Market and install it on your mobile phone. Once installed, get it activated and enter your 3G settings or even GPRS would work. Once you have done this your phone would be ready to serve as net modem on your computer.


PDAnet is a premium Wi-Fi tethering application on Android Market, but Premium I mean that it is not free and you would have to pay $25 for it.

PDAnet, a premium Wi-Fi tethering application

It is a very easy to use application, you can download it from Android Market and its unique internet tethering facilities will allow you to access internet on portable computers.

It doesn’t require you to configure root of your phone therefore there is nothing to worry about.

Android Tether


Well although there is a free version of this application available but it is always recommended that you go for Android Tether Pro which costs around $13 because it give more security to your network and features too.

It is a great tool to tether internet and access it on various devices. You would need to install this application on both computer and phone to make it work. It supports only USB data transfer and not Bluetooth.

Easy Tether

This is similar to Android Tether in many respects; it has a free version and supports only usage via USB. You can download the free app but since the premium Easy Tether is not too costly, it is recommended you go for Easy Tether Pro.

The paid version of this application costs approx. $10 and comes with a lifetime upgrade facilities, it’s a great deal.

Tether for Android

This application is bit different and complex from other applications via which you can tether internet on an Android device to access internet on a computer or a laptop.


Tether for Android is expensive and costs somewhere around $30, although it has a high price tag it support data transfer speed of up to 7 mbps.

It is the most advanced and beneficial application for those subscribed to high-speed 3G plans.

Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether

It is a free application that will utilize your Android Internet to serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot. With this free app you can access internet on your portable devices easily, very interesting application.

With this app you can access Internet on mobile phones as well.

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  1. i am using easy-tather to connect my android to lap net is working but social websites are not opening why its happening like this ?
    i need quick reply friends pls…………

  2. Anthony R. McMillian says:

    I have a hawaui Accend Android phone and a sony vaio laptop computer. I have installed the Barnacle wireless tether on my phone and used the application two days before being unable to connect with it the third day. Though I can get it to run, It stops doing so @ .32kb. Are there any patches for this program that I should be aware of?

  3. hi hacker
    i just want to asking question there android for pc ?
    if there where i can grab this ?

  4. Really having a hard time w/ easy tethering i have it already connected it to laptop and phone.. but it wont let me log on to facebook .. etc..

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