An Editorial Take on Google Chrome OS

Google chrome OS – The OS in developmental stage, The so-called netbook os, The always ON os, the browser os, the google os, the web os – You’ll find so many acronyms for the new os which is being developed by the so-called alien group of googlers. Google has effected almost every sphere of online experience and the way we are on www. As their products and services are remarkably one of the best and leading, it is easy for them to enter into any feature and feature dominance into that particular zone.

Cloud computing is concerned feature of this new os. Google is pioneer in cloud computing. If you don’t know about this phrase, let me tell you in crude terms – the word cloud acts as metaphor for internet. With cloud computing, it means computing online. You do your work online using a third-party service and you pay on usage terms.

Google chrome os is primarily designed keeping in view the netbook users. Hence it would be faster, always on, instant os. It would feature a very advanced browser which will handle all major operating functionalities and support cloud computing at its max. It would consume less resources and confirm to more productivity. You’ll for sure enjoy watching videos and listening to music without which computing is not possible for a common working man. Games and other applications would be developed but they would be web-based. In fact, each of applications, programs, games – all will run under chrome browser interface. There would be no installation and uninstallation issues. It would be secure as each time the os will boot, it will check its file integrity and will fix automatically if something has been changed. Chrome doesn’t trust another application. It trusts itself.  Ya it would support existing netbooks. Support for drivers and other such complicacies would be worked upon.

Chrome os Basics

Chrome os Basics

Let me summarise few features of Google Chrome OS in few points :

1) Netbook OS – primarily designed for netbook computing.

2) Simple interface – Things will need minimal user interaction. It avoids unnecessary processes.

3) Cloud Computing – It follows cloud computing concept (everything in your browser) with web and browser-based applications and toolkit. Applications designed for google chrome os would surely run on other os be it Linux, mac, windows.

4) Security – No risk of virus, trojan, malware. It checks its file integrity and originality at the startup.

5) No software installation – You won’t need to go through installation and uninstallation issues related to various applications and softwares.

6) Open Source & Free – Google Chrome os is open source and would be available for free to use.

google chrome os screenshot

google chrome os screenshot

I even heard that you can’t run other browsers. As they say, other browser makers can build their own os since chrome is open source. What about other applications ? Well, all applications like ms office, adobe applications will function online and on web platform only. What about doing things offline ? The answer would be in practice with development of HTML5.

Google Chrome os source code has already been released for developers so that open source community can contribute from this stage onwards. You can download Google Chrome OS source code . Developers can compile and run chrome os for testing and for further development. While GDGT has compiled one for interested users, you can download compiled version and run it using virtual box. Download Google chrome os compiled by GDGT . I don’t recommend general users to waste their time testing this. Its meant for developers. At the same time, I advise general users not to download any os claiming to be chrome os from torrents or other sources.

Expect difference from Google. They are not going to put another similar os to existing os lineup. The new chrome os will specifically fit a particular group of people and particular range of computers (netbooks). While much can’t be said about this os at this time, more to come, keep your eyes on us. We’ll inform you at the earliest!

10 thoughts on “An Editorial Take on Google Chrome OS

  1. Chrome OS continues to mature, as regular updates bring rapid improvement to the browser-based operating system. New changes we like include Google Play integration and 100GB of Google Drive storage for free.

  2. Perhaps you have regarded including extra video clips for your blog articles to keep the readers much more entertained? I mean I just read during the entire article of yours and it was really good but because I’m more of a visual learner,I found that to become more useful. Just my my idea, Good luck

  3. i have tested chrome os both at home and at work, it does not seem to be better than ubuntu;;.

  4. I have tried using Chrome OS in one of my desktop PC’s, the overall performance is above average to excellent :

  5. i installed Chrome OS on two of my netbooks. the Chrome OS works great and its loading time is very fast too.

  6. uh no! google is no in comparison of Windows. Google O.S cannot handle games, loads of good windows softwares, photoshop! etc….

    GOogle < Microsoft

  7. and will it run on my low ram.. he..he

    256MB 2.13 ghz 32bit

  8. Google is doing a good job by giving netbook users the 3S concept (speed, security,simplicity)…i have tried google chrome os on the virtualizer.and so have many people …today its very good for people who use mostly internet tomorrow i am pretty sure and so are the googlers that majority apps will be web based the google guy sunder pichai commented that microsoft just made a killer app (ms office web based) for chrome os!!! :-) well web eliminates the problems of compatibility and portability and useless mess around with stuff…its gives a common platform to developers and with java based technologies around the there is no limit with what the web platform can achieve…google is somewhere trying to focus on the same thing…making web the “OS” of the computer…it has released O3D as a part of this mission aiming high quality gaming in the web platform too!

  9. This is going to be a another shot from Google.

    Yet lots More to come from Google.

  10. Google Rocks ! Microsoft …..

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