Best Linux Distros – Which one suits you?

There are a lot of Linux distros out there today, anybody who is new will get easily confused on which one to choose.After using a few distros ourselves, we  have found that each distro has its own advantages and disadvantages.Depending upon the ease of use, ability to customize and other features , we have selected the best distro depending upon the user.



For all those new to Linux out there , Ubuntu is the best distro to start with.With the new Unity interface Ubuntu has become a bit more complicated than before, yet it manages to be the best Beginner-friendly distribution out there.The reasons-

  • Its very easy to install and you can even install it like a program on your PC using the WUBI installer without a need to partition the hard disk.
  • Even with UNITY it has a nice looking desktop.
  • Its hardware compatibility is unparalleled.
  • It has its very own repository knows as “Ubuntu software center” which makes installing programs on Linux as easy as on windows.

2)Advanced Users-Fedora

Featuring the new Gnome desktop environment – Gnome Shell, fedora is the way to go for an advanced user.However, the hardness in  installing of flash player and other proprietary software such as Nvidia drivers make it a no-go for beginners.

  • Fedora uses Long established Linux standards. For example locations used by shared libraries, configuration files and kernel headers adhere to long established standards.
  • With Fedora you get both the Cutting edge interface of the Gnome shell and also the familiarity of your older Linux distro.You have the best of both.
  • More power user oriented.
  • Needs partition creation which can be cumbersome for beginners.

3)For those who need a lot of customization- Arch

Though Arch has been around for a while its popularity skyrocketed only recently.Giving users the ability to customize everything,from configuring the default user to setting up the desktop environment you want and installing only the apps you need.The result is that you have a highly customized Linux running on your system.Arch is also good for intermediate users who want to get to know about how Linux distros work, thanks to its very own wiki the Arch wiki.

  • Highly customizable
  • You get only what you want nothing more nothing less.
  • The text-based installer is only for intermediate and advanced users.
  • It requires hard disk partitioning.
  • No Big update every now and then.Instead the packages themselves get updated giving you the latest and greatest.

Now grab the distro you want and enjoy the fruits of open source.


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