Create Beautiful WordPress Blogs With WP Frameworks

WordPress is a very flexible and easy to moderate blogging platform. Though there is a wide repository of Free WordPress themes available but to stand out of the crowd you need to claim your blog’s authority with a unique design.

There are several networks that provide themes are have substantial designs like Elegant Themes and Woo Themes but if you consider the success of popular blogs like Mashable or Slashgear, you will see they accompany a beautiful personalized design.

Today I am talking about this because I am about to share with 5 Best WordPress theme framework you can build a design unique to you and your readers.

Although, I am not saying it is simple enough to build extra ordinary WordPress themes from these frameworks and thus for that you can hire designers, they will be more than happy to help you out.

Thesis Framework


Thesis is one of the most renowned and most love WordPress Theme Framework across the globe. People love it because it is simple to design and adding custom CSS, custom functions and other customization is kid’s stuff.

Some Features of Thesis Theme Framework:

  • Easy to use Customizable Option Panel
  • SEO Optimized
  • Fast Loading
  • Great Support Team
  • 35K+ Users using Thesis WordPress Theme Framework

Pricing: Personal Option ($87) and Developer’s Option ($164) | View Demo

Genesis Framework


Genesis Framework is designed and marketed by StudioPress, it is elegant, simple and highly advanced WP Framework. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, if you want to build an extraordinary blog design, Genesis Framework is good choice.

Genesis WordPress Theme Framework is as popular as Thesis Theme Framework and somehow similar to it too.

Some Features of Genesis Framework:

  • Automatic Upgrades to Core and Plugins
  • 6 Layout Options
  • Custom Hooks to add codes with Powerful Theme Panel
  • Dynamic Logo + Images Options
  • Post Thumbs
  • SEO Ready
  • Breadcrumb navigation with Drop Down Navigation

Pricing: Genesis Basic ($59.95), Genesis + Prose ($84.95) & Pro Plus Package ($249.95) | View Demo

Hybrid Framework


Hybrid Framework is SEO Ready, has very nice child themes and the best part is that is free of cost. You don’t pay a single penny to buy Hybrid Themes.

Though, it is very difficult to edit these themes because it uses a different set of instructions in their theme layout. You will need help from their support forums in order to get hold of the theme properly.

Their Forum Membership costs $25 per year.

Some Features of Hybrid Framework:

  • Great Support and Video Tutorials (with $25/year plan)
  • Customizable CSS and Designs
  • Simple and Minimalist Design
  • 13+ Quality Child Themes
  • Hybrid Hooks and Filters for easy coding
  • SEO Ready
  • Support WP Menus with Custom Thumbnails

Thematic WordPress Framework


Thematic is a free, open source framework for WP. It is highly customizable and ready for Search Engine Optimization. It features 13+ Widget Ready areas, grid layouts and support popular plugins with ease.

Not only that, it has a big community associated with to support you if in need. It is a nice WordPress Framework for Beginner as well WP development professionals.

Some Features of Thematic Framework:

  • Minimalist WP Theme
  • Fully Optimized for Search Engines
  • Customizable Widget Ready Areas
  • Multiple layouts for 2 and column blogs
  • Options for multi author blogs

View Demo | Download Now

Swift Theme Framework


Swift WordPress theme is one of the fastest loading themes for WordPress. It comes with a dedicated control panel from where one can easily customize and edit colors, fonts, designs and styling.

Swift Theme Framework is highly extensible and can be transformed into several beautiful designs. It supports custom logos, custom thumbnails and a lot of other stuff.

Its advertisement management system enables you to add Adsense codes easily to your WordPress blog.

Some Features of Swift Framework:

  • The Fastest Loading WP Theme
  • Clean Typography
  • SEO friendly
  • Works well with most of the browsers
  • Pulls Thumbnails automatically
  • Tabbed Interface with Features post sliders
  • Adsense Integration in performing areas
  • RSS Subscribe box and much more

View Demo | Download Now

9 thoughts on “Create Beautiful WordPress Blogs With WP Frameworks

  1. I am planning to buy Prose Genesis Theme for my blog.And I have a doubt about traffic it will definitely increase my blog traffic.

  2. i am using genesis it’s the best in terms of it’s responsive design

  3. Rakesh,

    I am a first timer that will like to built its own site but I am not interested in coding. Which of the above frameworks is the most user friendly and flexible for building my site? Thanks.

  4. i like thisis theme.. so i wnt go to download theme free

  5. Hi, do you know anything about the Catalyst framework? How does it compare to Thesis 1.8?

    • It is similar to thesis, there would be a minor difference, not in seo or anything but overall stability since it uses different coding.

      By the way, any developer would easily get a hang of it since macro coding would be same.

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