EverDroid – Sync And Backup for Phones (FREE)

We all undergo through a gargantuan task of transferring all contacts and data from our old phone to our new phoneeverdroid apps for all

But it becomes even more difficult for us when the two phones are on different Platforms.

To rescue from all these headache EVERDROID comes to your help. These app not even help you to backup your contacts but also backups your personal messages , Calender notes and Bookmarks too. You can sync and backup data of your phone for FREE.

Key features of EVERDROID:

  • It  lets you to sync your phone calendar entries with Google calendar
  • You can share your calendar on the web with  family and friends
  • Supports every phones and  mobile platforms

To start your backup and sync go to everdroid.com. Create an account there and log-in you will be presented by various of procedures.

EverDroid basically stores your personal data on the cloud – for free. So, when you lose your phone or if it gets stolen, at least you can recover the contacts and other important data. If you have an Android phone, it is just as awesome as “awesome” itself. I mean, Android users can access their phone from anywhere and do almost every thing they do on their phone – but on a big screen, like laptop.

That’s not all. They have written that they will add new features every MONTH. Jeez! That’s awesome. A new function every 30 days! So logically, you can do unlimited things with this app overtime.

Once you have completed all the steps you will receive a sync setting on your phone. Now you are to sync your phone’s data. Once your sync is completed you can view your data from web. That means you will never lose you important data.

Please share with us your views and if there are other ways to sync and backup Android phones you know, mention them in your comments.

4 thoughts on “EverDroid – Sync And Backup for Phones (FREE)

  1. Can i sync more then one GoogleCalendar? Only one isn’t really usefull…

  2. Danny Samson says:

    Dear Guys,

    I am very happy with the service & can i sync with Blackberry?????

    Please reply………….. waiting……

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