(How To) Expand iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Memory – FREE

Shocking it may sound, when it comes to tweaking iDevices. Apple had always believed in proprietary – because of which, it does not allow other add-ons to be used with Apple.

Same is considered when, you think of applying more memory to your iDevice. The maximum allowed memory in an iDevice is 64Gb. And if you are a hardcore media lover, you’ll find yourself scrutinizing content to save some memory for you.

So what should one do when he’s over with the available memory on his iDevice? Should you simply purchase a new device? Sounds like a costly affair, isn’t it?

Let me introduce to you a very cost-effective method, which I discovered after combining a few simple apps. I call this method –

“Cloudify” – Using CLOUD to SATISFY your memory needs :)

You can easily expand iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad memory for free, without buying anything. Ingredients you need to “Cloudify” –

  • iDevice
  • 3G or Wi-Fi access
  • Below mentioned Apps

ZumoCast & Zumo Drive -

Songs, Photos and Movies are the Memory eating monsters, which eats up almost more than 70% of your available memory. With a free web-streaming program and app called Zumocast, you can have access to all the media content on your computer from anywhere via Wi-Fi or 3G.

So if you are not a traveler anyways, you’ll be able to access Wi-Fi or 3G anywhere easily.

Now, if you are worried that, you have to leave your PC on to access all your data… Use ZumoDrive. You can find out the difference between ZumoCast and ZumoDrive – here.


Dropbox -

Dropbox, is again a cloud storage platform which adds up 2gb to your total memory. It will allow you to upload any kind of media files including audio and movie files, and you can retrieve it with the help of a small and free app (iTunes link) for your iDevice.

The latest version of Dropbox app for iDevices also include option to Star mark a file [which can be used even in offline mode] and exporting the files such as word or PDF to another supported application on the device.


Although apple offers its own cloud service for its iDevice customers known as – MobileME, but the subscription to this service costs $99/year.

When you can expand your iDevice’s memory for free, why should you pay to apple?

Go and Cloudify your iDevice today !

Finally, let me know what do you think about this article and what more methods can be used to Cloudify your iDevice?

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2 thoughts on “(How To) Expand iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Memory – FREE

  1. Hi

    Thanks for the application info.I heard about drop box before,now surely going for a try.

    • Thank you and yes do try it and post your feedback on how did you find the method. Also to add a few more there are apps like – Evernote which are specialized to store and sync your notes, images and audio clips. Do try it as well!

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