Facebook becomes third-largest website, ahead of Yahoo

“Our greatest competitor probably is Facebook, more so than Google,” said Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz at a Bloomberg event earlier this month. “They’re a hot site, but there’s room for more than one of anything.”

At last the day has come Facebook has passed Yahoo to become the third largest website on planet. Facebook  with its 648 million unique visitors for November 2010 has pased the yahoo which had just 630 million. Three months ago, Facebook passed Yahoo to become the second largest video site. Two months ago, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz admitted that Facebook could one day become Yahoo’s number one competitor.

Facebook is behind only Google,with 970 million, and Microsoft, with 869 million unique visitors, with Microsoft gaining fast these days it could be seen that Google ain’t performing that well these days. And the worst part for the Yahoo remains that its traffic haven’t shown any significant growth in the recent times. Though yahoo still remains at number two spot in terms of search engines with 16 percent share behind only google with 66.2 percent, buthere also Microsoft, at 11.8 percent, is slowly gaining ground

Though yahoo tops the lists of website when considering just viewers from US ,with 181 million unique monthly visitors. Facebook, at 152 million, sits in fourth place on this ranking..

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