Here is The Complete List of Proxy Sites to Open Blocked Sites

Recommended: More ways to access blocked sites.

NOTE: This is only a list and serves as information. Most proxy sites are filled with Advertisements and crap. So be careful.

33 thoughts on “Here is The Complete List of Proxy Sites to Open Blocked Sites

  1. hot spot is good but the list your mentioned in your post is a good one too. proxy site are not only good for accessing restricted or blocked site these are very useful for privacy and security purposes as well. I use which has a good speed.

  2. proxies are the most amazing websites ever made. these websites are really helpful. Thanks for sharing your views with us

  3. : Hi everyone
    I would like to share this program with you
    ~~I wasel~~
    After trying this software i think that i have to share it .
    I wasel allows you to open any blocked sites u can imagine.
    It also changes your ip address free to choose between 6 servers.
    It also unblock the Skype, Paltalk and everything.
    You can use it on your cellphone.
    I think you have to try it
    Go download it now

  4. How i will open block site !!! An easy way ….Kindly i dnt understand !! what the hell s above !!

  5. i need proxy for the above website

  6. kproxy works like a charm.. thanks for the information

  7. sameer panchal says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    Pls. tell me how to open property sites & how to by pass fortiguard.



  8. Pls kindly advice me to open my Facebook account which is blocked in server.


  9. i want to open this site but is not opening but i believe if i use this prozy it will open

  10. Hey guys, i noticed a lot of you are looking for unblocked proxies. Well my new Australian proxy site is up and running and delivers fast speeds. So feel free to stop by and use it!

  11. I provide one, would like to add up that too with the list

  12. wow huge collection.. great

  13. i cant log in to orkut please help me

  14. i am try all site orkut not open.
    i m use davv server so please other site or software send me on my mail id
    as soon

  15. Ranadeb Ray says:

    Hello Group,
    I tried all these links which are on this page, but none of these pages open up in my browser.
    It says that Category: Proxy Avoidance.
    I think that the network is stopping it from opening.
    So, do you have any other site which ca open up here in my computer?

  16. how can i bcz this site is blocked

  17. how to unblock this site

  18. thanks a lot for being helpful

  19. thanks for this information

  20. we cannot able to open orkut site because this is blocked by our college . so please help us to open this site…..

  21. Hi sir,
    I’m loacted in Syria and tried to open above mentioned site, but faild
    would you pls help

  22. Dear All,

    I am not able to access the gmail account through your mention all links so pls suggest the same what i do…

  23. please suggest me a good proxy website to open or surf orkut.

  24. omfg why is bebo nlocked man its ace why the fuk block it u sad basterds

  25. Hi rohit kumar
    thanx for the feedback :)

  26. The list of proxy site to unblock the website is just superb and is working fine

  27. hi all of those web sites were all blocked i was womdering if you could help me the school bands everything at skool can you help me to get around this please


  28. thank you man

  29. richard jhonson says:


  30. Ur welcome dude, I’m glad that it was helpful to u

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