How To Know Which Theme A WordPress Blog Is Using

Got inspired by the WordPress blog design, want to know which WordPress theme is that? Here’s how to know which WordPress theme is being on that blog/website.

Three Ways To Know Which Theme A WordPress Blog Is Using

Scroll Down To The Footer

check wordpress theme footer
Check the footer for theme name and address

Yeah, that’s the fastest way to know which WordPress theme used by a blog/website. Just scroll down to the website footer, and there you’ll find the text or link saying, Theme ABC by XYZ. Free as well as paid WordPress theme has the theme information. If footer is doesn’t say anything about the theme, then move on to a bit geeky method.

Check Source Code – Right Click And View Source

check source code

First method being the fastest, to know which WordPress Theme is used  by a blog, but you’ll rarely find the information there. Now the footer is blank, simply right-click and check the source code to hunt theme related URLs in the source code. Don’t panic, simply CTRL + F, and search for /wp-content/themes/

to find the theme related CSS file in the source code. Simply visit that link to know the details about the WordPress theme. Surest way for geeks to find the information about the WordPress theme. Not so geeky readers, can use the third method.

What WordPress Theme Is That

what wordpress theme is that

The above method is the manual way to check about the WordPress theme used by a blog. What WordPress Theme Is That, a web service which actually the other way round to extract the data from the WordPress Theme CSS files and serve the information in minutes. Check out What WordPress Theme Is That, feed in the URL of the blog to know about the WordPress theme.

What if, that method didn’t work out, might be the blog/website is using custom made WordPress theme.

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  1. Could you please share a download link for Elemin Theme by used by Labnol .

  2. Labnol uses Elemin wordpress theme from

  3. Hey Great Post. I didn’t knew about that tool and site that you mentioned. But By using that i have just found that which theme labnol uses.! Thank you for great post.

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