How to Open Blocked Sites

Open blocked sites

Open blocked sites at school, office, college and work

Can’t open Facebook, youtube and other sites at college, office or university ?

Don’t worry there are a lot of ways to open any blocked site, here are a few of them.

1. Use the  anonymous proxy sites to open sites like orkut, MySpace, Gmail, yahoo, Hi5 or any other XXX site

  1. HideMyAss -
  2. Proxify –
  3. BlewPass -
  4. Zfreez –
  5. Vobas –
  6. Don’t Filter –
  7. Vtunnel –
  8. Ninja Clock –
  9. AnonyMouse -
  10. AnonyMizer –
  11. kProxy –
  12. –

You can get a complete list of proxy sites here
You can use this site for instant messaging on Yahoo, Gmail, MSN .

2.Use URL Redirection Techniques

Use redirection services like TinyURL which give a unique link to any site. Generate tiny URLs for Facebook,  Orkut, and youtube and use them to open the sites instead of the actual URL. This works because such redirection sites make the address bar blank while loading. For I have just made a tiny URL link by clicking which you’ll land in Orkut you can make any and many for any site you like by visiting Tinyurl.Com homepage.

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3. Google Proxy Language Tools

Use language tools like Google Translator or Google LanguageTools to access restricted sites.Here’s what you need to do visit Google Translator and there you see under Translate 2 types of translations are mentioned in or. One is text translator which u ignore just after or there is a website translator. Just write the website name(obviously the blocked site you want to visit) at the text box just bellow the text ” Translate a web page:“. In the language selector box select “French to English” or any language to English or English to English if you still want the site to be in English and then click on translate. Now the intended page in English will appear as if inside Google translator not the actual webpage so now we indirectly accessed blocked site as this translator site which is unblocked acts as a proxy. Trick here is that the site intended is in English but we need to translate it to English because we need the translator site act as proxy so we used French 2 English in that translator.

The output link was like which was from french to English as indicated by “langpair=fr|en” and the site mentioned after “u=” in the o/p link is the site intended which is here. If we do from English to English we’ve to write “langpair=en|en” and if we intend to view blocked site then u= resulting in total link|en which can be used directly without visiting the translator sites. Due to this google translator is some times said as Google Proxy.

Other translator sites such as Babel Fish Translation Free translation Language Translation can be used to translate from English to English or from other language to English.

4. Cached Pages

Most search engines like Google search caches each site it indexes and such caches are pages with contents of website by deleting all style sheets images etc. search for site you want that’s blocked in Google or yahoo.After a list of results appear if u wanna see one then don’t click on the link directly.Just see some link “Cached pages” or like that near to the actual link. Click there to see cached pages.

Don’t have access to above mentioned sites?

We have a way to overcome this problem also.

First download the windows installer if you have java installed on your computer, or else download windows full installer from this page:

Register an account here and enjoy surfing the websites of your choice without any restrictions. Please post your comments if this post was helpful to you.

Happy browsing!

95 thoughts on “How to Open Blocked Sites

  1. i tried to using vpn or anonymous proxy for browsing and its work

    cause in my country even has been block by government piece of ***(

  2. Thanks admin i want need this proxy site for open facebook in collage

  3. I am using an SunVPN solution from Its working well. Its very easy to handle for various uses. Its very cheap and affordable.It is the most easy way for opening websites without any malware detection.I use very oftenly for the purpose of safe browsing and downloading. The response is quiet good on this website. It offers us access to all our server locations, even as we add more to the list.

  4. I personally tried this VPN software to access blocked sites at my work. It works the best for me after trying many of vpn softwares.

  5. Primovpn is really good! I’ve been using their free account before and my speed is now better after upgrading my account to premium but their free account is more than enough for me.It’s very easy to use. Downloading is also awesome. Its more secure than other options.

  6. I am using primovpn Free VPN to Access all blocked websites and to surf anonymously.It protects your privacy while you surf the internet anonymously.It is easy to use.Downloading is awesome.It is free of cost.check it out here :-

  7. This is the problem in work places with the block sites – and thanks with this one tip to trick it out!

  8. In Bahrain and other middle east countries it doesn’t work so I used VPN services of when I recently visited UAE. I also used same VPN services when I was in China last year. Problem with opera is that blocked site not blocked employer but government of these countries so only VPN can open blocked site there.

  9. my vote for hidemyass its working for me and always give me perfect result and save my time and Proxy is easy way to unblock the YouTube…thanks and nice sharing book mark your site its very helping to me…open any blocked sites,

  10. Ultrasurf is best as you don’t need to do anything. Just install it and run it. It handles everything on its own and I haven’t found anything like viruses till now. Its best way to do this thing. .

    • Ahmad Rashed says:

      can you tell me the sit that i can open block sits …… i mean the sit that work to every where even in Afghanistan…. i checked ( but it is not available in Afghanistan …. if you help me to find a website opener to work in Afghanistan i will be thankful

  11. From my experience proxies are not very reliable and kind of slow. VPN services tend to do a better job overall and are somewhat more safe. I`m using this one for some time now:, it`s pretty fast and user friendly.

  12. I am using Hotspot Shield Free VPN to Access all blocked websites and to surf anonymously.It encrypts network traffic, secures your web surfing sessions, stands guard against malware and protects your privacy while you surf the internet anonymously.

    Check it out here:

  13. I use Ultra Surf for this purpose :P

  14. in my college all the sites u given above all are blocked n google translator also doesnot works plz tell me then other option

  15. Hi! I use to watch Hulu from China and everything works great.

  16. HideMyAss doesn’t seem to work for me these days, anyone of you facing the same problem?

  17. These are all great tricks, but if you`re looking for a permanent fix to
    unblocking sites, your best bet is a VPN service, like

    Unlike a proxy, a VPN will also encrypt your traffic, and will usually get you better speeds.

  18. I want to open the facebook in my office because it is blocked

  19. please guys help me to open the youtube ,,, i have tried all the proxy servers ,,,neither of them is working here ,,,pls rply me asap

  20. sir… in my college facebook has been blocked, we have opened with ultasurf u1103, and it is blocked… i need a new softwareeee to open thisssssss

  21. hello i can not open youtube in my office can any one help me

  22. i have fortiguard with intranet in my office so how can i open gmail , youtube , facebook plz reply

  23. hi frndzzz, in my college youtube is using proxies like loltunnel,etc proxies its not opening frndzzz plzz suggest a weel gug proxy site to open youtube

  24. I want to open the facebook in my office because it is blocked


    I want to open the facebook in my college because it is blocked….,,,,,,,,,……

  26. in my office facebook and orkut bolcked so pls tell me how to open

  27. in my office facebook and orkut blocked so can u tell me pls how to open this sites.

  28. saurav shrestha says:

    my facebook websites is not avaiable in my college what should i do plz help me

  29. I want to open facebook beacusae is blokeck by me office

  30. Abhishek Verma says:


    I am not able to access site in india, but i can access that site in US.

    So, can anybody tells me what should i do to open the site in India.


    • chathuranag says:

      Hi, if you are using Firefox as your web browers you can try this.
      Go to Tools > Add-ons
      Type “Go2 Proxy” without brackets in the search area under Get Add-ons and hit enter.
      Install go2 proxy to your Firefox and restart it.

      Now you are a Free mann. Let me know about the progress.

    • chathuranga says:

      Hi, if you are using Firefox as your web browers you can try this.
      Go to Tools > Add-ons
      Type “Go2 Proxy” without brackets in the search area under Get Add-ons and hit enter.
      Install go2 proxy to your Firefox and restart it.

      Now you are a Free mann. Let me know about the progress..

  31. heyyyyy i cant open facebook in college…….tell me how to open it plzzz

  32. i cant open metacafee in syria please helpe

  33. hey,If you want anynous surfing or unblock sites use this vpn provider would be really useful.


  35. known of them is not working that ios kind of bolshit when i click that linkes it saying me open dns

  36. dude none of the above methods are tell any other website

  37. i ve been trying to ublock facebook in our skul and it is refusing to open becoz of the UML PROXY BLOCKER HOW DO I DEAL WITYH IT

  38. I was able to get to the site but when downloading the files, even if the passwords are correctly applied, it doesn’t go its proper page or window. can someone make this possible? thanks.

  39. I cant seem to have acess to

  40. I have been a member of tagged for a very long time and now I can not see my mail there and people has been sending me mail and now I cant read my mail cause it has been faced off from africa

  41. @above all

    Those who can’t access blocked sites even after using proxies, there is another way. Just download ultrasurf from Run it. Then u will be able to open any site u want. Still facing problems then just ask me again.

  42. it not working for

  43. i want to open this side. this side is blocked from our office. from lotes of side front page is opening but no other option is opening
    pl. reply


  44. no dude i tried all these method you told one by one, but none of these worked. is there some more methods to open youtube and orkut… if yes then please tell me

  45. iam not able to open orkut by ur tips as shown there

  46. Hi all :)

    Here is the newest website

    Website name is so easy to remember (Open Blocked Website)


  47. dude all these methode don’t work when firewall has blocked the sites…..

  48. abualmarajel says:


  49. one more quest when am going tho try and open a vedio it is not the same as on the chat site..
    i cant do vedio chat.. can u find me a way!!

  50. hi there,
    i got a problem which is kind of weird but i hope that u can help ……..the proxy site like is working for me but i am going to do webcam modeling with a site and the STUDIO site is not working with this proxy site and i dont know whether i can start my work or not.. the site is

  51. Arch Farhan says:

    I am working in an orgnaization. My company I.T have bloock all web sites. So we can’t read news and also can’t visit other sites. My company I.T have blocked with firewall. Will you help me to solve this problem?

  52. Yet another way to open blocked sites | Shubham Hacker says:

    [...] , url redirection techniques and cached pages to open blocked sites at school and office here If those tricks can not fool your firewall here is one for you. Usually firewalls at colleges and [...]

  53. Hai Bavya,
    You can chek ( ) to open any blocked sites,

  54. am now working in saudi arabia, ples, send me anti blocker .


  55. my google is blocked and i m not even able to open it through your tips

  56. Thalia_Emily says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeez no one of these open because they are blocked too, can u send me the file to install the program .. i dont know what to dooooo

  57. cant open any site :(

  58. plz tell me other names becoz names u referred r also blocked

  59. , ,Moire2.Com , ,

    These sites are also blocked plz help me & reply me ASAP.

  60. Use IT WORKS!!!!
    use http tunneling proxies, such as, these can be found on, and should get you past your stupid blocks

  61. What if { , ,Moire2.Com , , }
    Sites are also blocked

  62. at my college oist,bhopal.orkut has blocked.
    after writting the word orkut,proxy on googleor web browser ,it does not open
    pls help me quickly to open this site

  63. ya you can use ultra surf it really works.

  64. i want to visit this site but it is blocked by someone. How is it possible. pls let me know.

  65. i work with linksys and none of the so called hacks hack work in my office as well….

  66. Hi,
    please send me aaaaaaaaaanti blocker.

  67. hi you can download ultrasurf go and search for hope then you can open any block sites. download ultrasurf.

  68. hi i work in CERT
    and none of this things works in my office…….
    got any thing else????????
    every thing above mentioned results in network time out……….

  69. dude – tor/vidalia/privoxy must be the best soluton and it’s not listed here

  70. hi all!!

  71. The Best way to surf friendster, myspace, youtube, and others from school or work says:

    Use MySpace at School…

    Anonymous Proxy to unblock myspace and youtube from work or school…

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