How to Partition USB Drive

USB Flash drive

I am writing this post here about an awesome UFD UTILITY that I came across. What’s this all about? Do you want to partition pen-drive (USB device for mass storage). Well you can do this by a utility called USB Flash Disk Utility.

As USB partition utility, it provides convenient user-interface enables you to create,configure and manage partitions of your Pen drive(USB flash drive) Version 3.0 adds support for disk & partition copy/clone.

Partitioning your USB/pen/thumb  drive

All you have to do is Download the Archive, extract the contents in your USB flash drive and you are good to go. Partition USB drive or turn it in to bootable USB HDD,or create a bootable virtual CD-Rom and much more. But please read the Users Manual carefully before jumping in to the action.
You can download this UFD Utility here.

This utility offers much more  than just partitioning

1. Partition Manager

The icon is able to use to partition UFD into “public area” only or “public area + security area”. It supports to modify disk label and password for security area.

2. Boot Manager

The icon is able to make UFD as a boot disk as USB-ZIP or USB-HDD.

3. Security Manager

The icon is able to Login security area after correct password key in and logout after data access for protection.

4. Autorun Manager

Create virtual CDROM partition with auto-run feature embedded on top of “Partition Manager” made 1 or 2 partition areas. This tool also supports ISO image file making and one single “Removable Disk”default setting call back function.

5. Flash Mail Manager

The icon is able to copy mail, address book and accounts in the Outlook Express to the UFD. It can use to read mail at any Windows Outlook Express platform.

6. PC Lock Manager

Lock PC to prevent unwanted operation during setting time after un-plug UFD. User can define PC lock time and text/picture display they prefer during PC lock time.

7. Bookmark Manager

Copy my favorites in the Internet Explorer to the UFD. It can be used to visit favorite website on any Windows Internet Explorer platform.

8. Security Folder

Put the file you want to secret or compress to the vfzip folder under public area. The tool will create a special vfbest.vfo Zip file. The Best feature of this utility i like is Partition manager. Suppose you have a 8 GB Flash Drive,and you partition it into two parts of 4GB each. Your UFD will be partitioned in two areas public and security. If you insert your UFD in your PC after partitioning it will only show public area and for accessing security area you will have to log in through security manager of this utility. So that means all your important data will be  secured with a password. I am providing a download link for this program.

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  1. Please provide the download link….

  2. Hello All
    I saw a guy who seem have solution but in windows only
    have check

  3. hello , i am having a problem . I am using 2 GB Transcend Pendrive . but every time I try to open the software , i show me the message

    “The device is not plug-in”

    yet I always plug-in the device before that .

    Need help to solve this problem

  4. HI Sameer
    I am using 4Gb iball pendrive
    but its always show massage

    “The device is not plug-in”

    Please help me to solve this problem

  5. Hi
    i am using 4gb iball pendrive
    but it is always show massage

    “The device is not plug-in”

    How can i solve this problem?

  6. Hello,

    where can this software be found?

    thank you

  7. thx i got the software

  8. where is the software??? i m fade up of searching it on google. please help me out & give me the link to download pls

  9. Joaquim Pinto says:

    Hi, I need help, I have tried to open the program, but it is always saing the same info

    “The device is not plug-in”

    How can i sold this problem?


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  11. Gitesh Shah says:

    Superb, this utility is very good. I used it for my moser bare pen drive of 4 GB.

    thanks samir,


    Gitesh Shah

  12. This app doesn’t support on my Samsung 4GB. I tried it also on another Kingston. But as I feel it is a duplicate. However it doesn’t work on both of them.

  13. Thanks bookmark manager only for internet explorer how can firefox or opera plz tell me

  14. Subject seems to be good, and it will be perfect only when necessary to viewers are found in the blogs.

    Please provide us where can we download USB Partition Utility Manager software.

  15. Thank u v m

    it is very good programme

    give us more

  16. thanks sameer
    nice post

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