Reasons for Loss of Photos on Memory Card and Steps to Recover Them

photo and hard disk recoveryMemory card is a widely used storage device in digital cameras with some assigned format such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RAW etc. Photos are stored in various formats depending on the device and manufacturer for better image quality and image compression to reduce the storage space. Your memory card is having FAT file system due to which, it can be corrupted or malfunctioned anytime and may leave you in photo loss situations. Obviously, you panic, isn’t it? But, don’t worry, there are some memory card recovery tools is available to help you in recovering deleted or corrupted photos without modifying the quality.

Below is a list of four main causes of your priceless photo loss:

1.Memory Card Formatting

Most often, your memory card may show you weird messages like ‘memory card is not formatted’, ‘Card error’ etc. after which, formatting memory card is the only available option to chose. Before formatting, you have to ensure that doing this will permanently wipe all your treasured photos.

2.Physical Damage

External environment, dust, moisture, Water is the most contributing factors responsible for physically damage your memory card.

3.File System Corruption

Due to using FAT File system, your memory card is less secure and can be easily damaged or malfunctioned by any virus/malware. As a result, stored photos will become inaccessible or deleted.

4.Human Error

Over 60% of photo loss cases are occurred due to our faults and my lead to permanent non recoverable photo loss situations such as, throwing memory card in fire, dropping it in water, damaging its circuit board etc.

Steps To Recover Trashed or Formatted Photos:

Keeping photos of your cherishing moments is a good way to refresh your memories of old days but some unavoidable factors of photo loss could definitely leave you in critical situations. But thanks to robust photo recovery software that can bring back deleted, formatted or corrupted photos and other multimedia files in single click.

You may find a bunch of photo recovery software from various firm which guarantee to recover your photos but charges very huge amount of money and risks involved of losing your photos permanently.

However, One of the most recognized and awarded Photos Recovery software from Stellar Phoenix, which is having good succession rate and more stronger than any other recovery software to successfully rescue photos from almost any instances of picture loss. This software is available in two modes:

Main interface of Stellar Phoenix Photo RecoveryMain interface of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Under ‘Data Recovery’ tab, click ‘Start Scan’ icon or the button at the bottom. To recover photos/music/videos from SD card and external USB drives, attach the media to your computer and then open the software

A list of all logical drives and external media recognized by the system A list of all logical drives and external media recognized by the system is displayed. Select the required drive to be scanned for recovery and click ‘Start Scan’. Here you also have the option of ‘Advance Scan’ that enables you to customize the recovery on the basis of file types.

'Advance Scan' optionThe ‘Advance Scan’ option enables you to perform a selective recovery based on only those photo, music, video, and camera file types that you want to recover; thereby saving you the extra time needed to scan the complete media for recovery. Under ‘File List’ tab, a list of all supported file types is displayed. Select the desired file types for recovery and click ‘Start Scan’.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery scans Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery scans the selected media and provides a simultaneous preview of recovered files during the scanning. The recoverable files are listed in a tree view in the left pane of the software interface. The rotating ‘Recover’ button and the progress bar shown below indicates that scanning process is on.

When the scanning is complete, all recovered files are listed in folders according to their file types in the left pane of the interface. The files in an individual folder are listed in the right bottom pane. Select any file to see its preview in the upper right pane.

Check mark all the files from the list you need to recover and then click ‘Recover’. A ‘Browse For Folder’ dialog box appears. Select a destination to save these files and click ‘OK’. All the selected files are saved at the specified location in your system.

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