Shopping on eBay, think again, they encourage FRAUD sellers.

The gist

eBay protects it’s fraud sellers more than the buyers, don’t spend your hard-earned money on ebay.

Recently I bought a dell N4050 laptop from eBay India from a seller which eBay featured every where and recommended in emails. I wouldn’t normally buy products without warranty, specially the electronics. The listing clearly stated that I could get repaired from Dell.

“If onsite warranty not available at your place we will get the laptop pickup from your place & get it repaired”

False warranty claims from FRAUD sellers supported by eBay

False warranty claims from FRAUD sellers supported by eBay

You can check the product listing before ebay remove it here. They buyer is whom ebay features daily in their deals, emails, and in search results.

The laptop started having problems with in a month, I emailed the seller regarding it and did not get a reply for two weeks. I tried calling him during this time, but he would never attend any calls. Finally after two weeks, a lady answered my call, and when I told her about the problem and showed her the warranty promise, she told that it’s a mistake and I have to ship the laptop to them (which would cost me 500+ bucks, and the trouble and time it will take to pack it ) and they will check it.

I told her that I will not send the laptop, I live in a metro please have someone repaired it at my place or arrange an appointment with dell service center here. Then she started saying the only way to get this fixed is to send it back to them, I can not report this to ebay as they wont listen to my claims and they are on their side, and she started accusing me of using f words and hung up the phone, and I haven’t been able to reach them after that.

I tried eBay customer support, but they were useless as ever, a bunch of morons. Their only answer was I have to get it settled with the seller.

A friend of mine is also having a problem with the same seller, his laptop display isn’t working and unfortunately he shipped it back to them it’s been over two months he still did not get it back and the worst thing is eBay is not of any help and you can not reach the seller.

Please be careful while you shop on eBay, do not buy products with seller warranty. They hide a lot of things from you, with seller warranty you have to ship the product back to them to get it repaired which would cost you a lot, and you will have to pay them to ship it back. Also once the product is in their hands, they will find more ways to rip you.

See how they made warranty sound so simple

False warranty promises hiding the important things

Things to watch while shopping on eBay

  • Most products on eBay are knock offs and smuggled goods. Don’t fall for their cheap prices.
  • Never buy products with seller warranty.
  • Check for seller score, anything less than 99 is bad and the seller should not be trusted.
  • As far as possible, try to avoid shopping on eBay. Don’t get yourself into trouble for few hundred bucks, get it from a retailer at your place or try flipkart.

List of fraud sellers on eBay

  •, all the products sold by this seller are knock offs, ┬áseller warranty from him is a JOKE.

Few eBay horror stories


If you are having a similar experience, please share the seller details and help us compile the list of scamers on eBay.


19 thoughts on “Shopping on eBay, think again, they encourage FRAUD sellers.

  1. Carlos Aona says:

    I’m glad to find this web site. I’ve been defrauded several times on eBay while buying vintage knives. I no longer buy knives on eBay due to the fraud which I feel eBay condones.
    However, I just bought a 40-150 mm camera lens. BUT the seller sent me an inferior 14-42 camera lens. eBay and the seller said to return the lens and they would refund my money? Fuck them. The auction said no returns, Now, I must pay return postage?? Fuk eBay, fuk PayPal. I will go to court on this bait and switch bullshit.
    I will also close my account with ebay and PayPal bastards. I hate those shit eaters. Dirty bastards.

  2. Just got ripped off by two sellers with 100% positive feedback..well they dont anymore, unfortunately alot of fakes look identical to the real thing and most people can’t tell the difference… I would encourage people not to waste thier hard earned money to scammers on ebay,. Ebay is full of them.

  3. Ebay is based on human weakness. You can gain in 100 transactions in ebay.but sooner or later you could loose all of the gain in one transaction. Everybody sooner or later experience bad transaction in ebay. In india ebay got no ethics.7 out of 10 sellers fraudsters in ebay. Ebay only protect sellers.ebay only delets aggresive comments of buyers and protect sellers. Please dont hope in ebay.if you got money and want loose that you can donate to charities instead of feeding fraud sellers in ebay.also you can find illegal chinesse items in ebay.we buyers encouraging items like that through ebay.EBAY PLEASE CHANGE YOUR WEBSITE NAME TO PIRATEBAY.

  4. am thinking to order a gadget on… after reading your experience am thinking to place my order. Thanks for sharing sathish..

  5. I’ve been cheated by the seller too. Please contact me at, I’m in touch with other buyers who have been cheated by, and if we take this up together our case will be stronger.

  6. I am also planning to buy a new laptop but I keep postponing. I am able to see laptops from a seller – cglobal but they only provide seller warranty. I asked reason and they simply told me – Only Seller Warranty.

    I am hesitant to buy. May be it will be refurbished.

  7. I have both good and bad experiences with Ebay. I bought HP probook 4530s on ebay. That was the most expensive buy on ebay by me -lured by a free 1 TB external HDD free.I wanted original Win7 DVD as a backup as the lappy was preinstalled with win7 home premium.. The Product tag on the model was confirmed as ‘made for US market’ by HP india. I finally got the original win7 legal DVD from HP USA free after lot of hassles. The seller as usual claimed it was officially imported by him but failed to provide supporting documents and stopped responding after some fake promises. Ebay remained in the dark all the while. Fortunately, the laptop was very good quality and after 1.5 years working well and I also received the free HDD and that too is working well. . It was my luck. It is very difficult to check the genuineness of the sellers on ebay, especially the zero rating ones or one timers. Ebay does not check pirated softwares too. So many times I find legal software sold at dirt price claimed as legal copy. I fully agree about the low level of integrity of logistics in India. we are a nation of fraud people. So why crib? US postal department says they can not track the parcel once it reaches shore of India; this happens even in 21 century because we have megalomania of reaching the moon and mars without fulfilling the basic needs of faith of honesty.

  8. Satish, I am totally agree with you, As I have also purchased cellphone from ebay and after few days of my purchase, it started creating trouble for me. I tried to contact seller,ebay even handset manufacturer but to my wonder all my efforts went in vain. So, what I’ve learned from my experience is never buy any electronics or costly items from ebay because you will repend if anything went wrong.

  9. eBay doesn’t have quality checks.

  10. Yeah, eBay India is worst.. I have even experience lots of troubles dealing with them.. Their customer support is useless and it frustrates you much.. I just landed my friend in trouble. I have been a loyal customer of eBay.. So, I recommended my best friend to purchase his next laptop from eBay and guess what? eBay supoorts fraud sellers. Just check this post about the bad experience and also like, comment and share it to spread words..

  11. ebay is ok for some deals . it wont be good for india but its great for countries like new zealand australia eu and us where shipping and logistics is amazing if i order a watch from hk sg or japan or even say 1 usd usb some thing i am sure i will get it on time quickly because ppl in postal servies are honest and logistics is good not in india . if your registered seller from india ebay things may be your not so geniun person its different if your registering from some different country may be say germany or australia and refurbs are better then new products any time as they go more quality check some are open box and they are checked again there are grads in refurbish you have to ask seller for the same all my stuff is either refurbish or open box and i never ever had any problems with any thing i am shipping on ebay since 5 years never had any either til now may be in india it may be differnt thing

  12. I read your post twice, but you haven’t mentioned whether you have opened a claim or not. Have you opened an eBay Gurantee claim online @ ?

    I have been buying stuff from eBay since many years and trust me, the eBay Gurantee works. Try it. Don’t waste your time calling CC.

    If nothing works, then simply buy a warranty pack directly from Dell India. Have you contacted Dell India to check whether they can help you with this? Dell CC is awesome. Call them.

    • Hello Chaitanya
      Thank you for the comment
      I tried eBay Guarantee. That only applies to purchases less than 45 days old.
      I called Dell India Support, they won’t accept imported laptops.

      What bothers me is eBay not taking any action against the seller even after several complaints from buyers.

      They should take steps to stop sellers from making false promises and hiding important information.

  13. I recently bought a leather case for my tablet and luckily it was ok. But thanks for the heads up. I’ll not use ebay anymore..

  14. I too agree on all the above points. Ebay India doesn’t even provide 0.00001% support to the buyers. Ebay have the worst customer care support i have ever experienced in Online Shopping.

    • Yeah Inderjeet, once they have your money, they are like “Go f*** yourself”.

      Customer support we get from idea, airtel for buying a 20rupee sim card is a lot better.

    • Yes. when ever i call the cc they will always tell me to settle the problem with the seller directly. What is the use of cc then..

  15. I have a looooooot experience with ebay, till date I have gadgets worth 5L which i got it from ebay but yes i agree with you the customer service is ZERO in ebay….they will always take the seller side. I once had a bitter experience from I ordered an tirmmer but that asshole sent me an usb cleaner which was like a toy….I reported to ebay and didnt get proper reply….this seller got many negative feedback from buyers and he deleted his account and next day he created a new one named rajeshwarienterprises (just with a dot removed)

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