best free apps for galaxy note

Samsung Galaxy Note is a device loved by many. Mainly because of the design. It packs the features of a tablet and functions of a mobile phone, with a perfect display. Check out the best free apps for Galaxy Note.

Depending upon your needs almost every type of application is available for your Android device. For social worms, there are many social networking apps. For nerds, there is eBook reader and market. The advantage Note users have is, you don’t have only a smartphone but also the power of a tablet. So, the choice of apps are practically unlimited. I’m listing some of the applications, which you must have for everyday use. Plus, there is a list of apps at the end to utilize S-Pen of Galaxy Note.

best free apps for galaxy note



If you love taking photos, and sharing them with your friends and followers – Instagram is a must have app for you. You can take photos, and add some preset effects to them. It’s not a hard-core photo editing application, it’s just what you need to bring life to your everyday photos – on-the-go!

Adobe Photoshop Express

adobe photoshop express

Just because it’s Adobe Photoshop, doesn’t mean its a premium app. You don’t need to pay anything, it’s absolutely free. It offers some basic editing features like crop, rotate, color adjustment, and some effects. You can edit photos on-the-go and access them on too.

Pulse News

pulse news note

One of the most downloaded application and recommended by top websites, Pulse News changes the way you read on the web. It rearranges the articles, in a beautiful way with some features to improve your productivity. It lets you download the articles, which is useful if you’re going out to a place with no internet connection. You can also mark something to read later, if you find yourself too busy at the moment.


evernote note

This application is exactly what you need to keep notes, reminders, check-lists, and many more things – on the cloud. If you’re like me and can’t remember things to do, this one is a life-saver. There are a lot of note taking apps in the Play store, but it provides much more than just notes. You can add voice reminders too. Plus, your data is safe on the cloud. Even if you lose your phone, you won’t lose your memory. Evernote comes for almost all mobile platforms, Windows, Mac, etc.

Google Drive

google drive

Keep your photos, documents, and other data safe on Google’s very own cloud storage service. Google Drive gives free 5 GB storage, but you can buy more if required. It allows you to share files with your contacts, which is useful because it reduces the trouble of uploading and then downloading it to other computer/mobile.

To Utilize S-Pen:



I won’t ask you to remove Photoshop Express or Instagram if you want to install only this app. Because it does not ‘replace’ the features of a photo editor, but provides some additional tools. Basically, you can create/sketch objects. If you’re creative enough, I’d recommend you to try it once.

Adobe Reader

adobe reader

You might wonder, Adobe Reader and S-Pen, really? Well, if you’re not aware of the features of Adobe Reader, you’re missing the potential of your Note. First, reading eBooks or documents of the big Note screen is a charm. Second, the annotation features, highlight text, etc. is a great combination with S-Pen.

Fruit Ninja (Free)


Fruit Ninja is a super-addictive game, and with S-Pen you can break many records. Show your Ninja skills but with a pen, not sword – and with fruits. There are two more versions available if you’re willing to pay. One is, the normal paid version and the other is for devices with Tegra processors, Fruit Ninja THD.

Draw Something Free

draw something free

It is a simple game with over 10 million downloads. You S-Pen will get addicted to it. In this game, you can pair up with your friend and fight head-to-head in a guessing game. You have to draw a word, and your partner will guess the word. If he/she understands your thoughts correctly, points will be rewarded. Time to invite a friend for a cup of coffee?

Kids Finger Painting Art Game

kids finger painting art game

If you have kids in your house, it’s a great app to keep them busy and let their mind get creative. It has 120+ easy to color pages for the kids, which is enough for a considerable long time. They have mentioned that it’s suitable for any person of age above 1 year. It’s an ad-supported version, though.

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    I think you have to add Candy Crush Also in the list… Bcs i use all these Apps you recommend..


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