computer softwares

No doubt computer is ruling this technology world. Everyone is looking to buy a computer to make their life much easier. Before buying a computer you must know lot of things in it. I recommend you to check this ultimate desktop buying guide for more details. You should not give-up immediately after buying a well configured computer. Buying a good computer is just one phase and using it properly with useful software’s is another phase and I hope you’re not at second phase.

Have you bought a new computer? And waiting to use it up to peaks? As how applications are important for Smartphone’s, Software’s are even more important for computers. Without software, you can’t even enjoy the computer for one second. Even though they’re some mandatory software’s for every computer, I mean audio drivers, graphic drives etc but there are some other software’s which will make a computer user friendly.

computer softwares

This guide helps you to find some best 10 awesome software’s for a newly bought computer. Whoever you are a designer? Programmer?  Geek?  Developer? Casual user? These 10 software’s will work for you. Have a look at them and I hope they’re useful for you

Must use software’s


Without Ccleaner you can’t manage a new computer. If you’re not aware about useless files in your computer, you’re just wasting your Hard Disk memory. Tons of files get stored in temp folder which not only occupies valuable memory but also slows down the computer. This software is useful to clear temp and prefetch files with just one click. Along with them it can delete start menu shortcuts, Shortcuts on desktop and even wiping free space. It can clear Cache, History etc in all browsers you installed. It also works similar to Control panel, you can manage installed programs and list of items in startup menu.

Good Browser

A browser is only way through which you can enter or use this hell awesome internet. For your kind information, you’re reading this because of your browser. Why should we compromise while using a browser. According to me Google Chrome is best browser for any kind of user. Next to Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox is in the race. Safari is best option for Apple users. But we should not forgot Internet Explore. It is Best browser to download even more better browser.

VLC Media Player

Can’t understand why I have clearly mentioned VLC Media browser here instead of saying Good Media player as I did in above case? I have tried many media players from last couple years, they include Windows media player, Real one media player, Power DVD, Quick time, Winamp etc., but I’m sure VLC media player is best among all those players. It can play any kind of video and audio formats. If VLC failed to play any video or audio file, then almost no other player can play that file. Trust me VLC is best one till now I have used.


I can say uTorrent in single line. Best software, less than 1MB in size, but capable of downloading TB’s of data nonstop. If you’re a movie lover and movie download too, then this one is mandatory for you. I know some people who are waiting to download movies on the very next day of its release, then uTorrent suits them perfectly. Also it helps to download many paid and premium software’s for free. In short, all software’s mentioned in this guide can be downloaded using this uTorrent

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager, in Short IDM is a hell awesome tool to download any stuff, where there is no download option to download them. Can’t get my point? Let me cover with an example, how many time have you tried to download videos form YouTube? Never get succeed? Then make use of IDM; it is capable of downloading YouTube Videos in single click and if possible you can download that video in different resolutions. This IDM will work on all popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.


In our previous guide I suggested you to buy a computer which includes CD/DVD Drive. I said that to burn your important data to DVD’s. Don’t think other like. Storing data in DVD/CD is more secure when compared to thumb/pen drives. That is why important data is always transferred with CD/DVD. So, how do you copy that data in to DVD/CD? Even though you can copy them without any software, but using Nero is best option according to me. Nero contains many user friendly options like copying entire disk without transferring stuff in computer, changing burning speed, verifying the disk once again after copying data and much more.

Microsoft Office

By default, many new computers are installed with MS office but not all. Some Konzoos shop owners feels bored to install Microsoft office in their customers PC and as a result newbie computer users failed to know about Microsoft office. So you must check whether your computer enters your home with MS office or without it. If no, installing it is a mandatory thing. MS Office will contain Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote etc

Adobe Reader

E-Book is also one of the leading things in this tech world. Now days, Students are preferring Hard copies instead of Soft Copies. To read those books, Adobe Reader is important. Almost all E-books come in pdf format. Then Adobe Reader is mandatory one to open them. Adobe Reader is a free tool which can be downloaded officially from Adobe website.


How can we put this at last? After all, this is most important thing that should be on every computer. An antivirus protects your computer from harmful viruses, malwares, spywares and other trojans which may attack your computer. But in this market, you’ve to choose a perfect Antivirus for your computer. You can go with the either of the two most widely used ones- Symantec and Kaspersky. Besides, we also have a huge list of Antivirus softwares available like McAfee, Avira, Avast, AVG etc.

Master Collection

adobe master collection

Having a computer, you might have to do a little thing with media editing and conversion. You might have to design graphics and draw illustrations for DTP works or other purposes. If you are a photographer, you might have to use Photoshop or if you deal with videos, you might need Premiere. The collection also include some awesome other softwares like Flash Video Encoder, Illustrator, After Effects and many more. And let me tell you, Adobe is not the only thing. We also have some other individual softwares for each purpose like Sony Vegas, Corel Draw etc. But this creative suite comes as a package and you can get all the softwares in it.

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