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Google has finally announced the Google Nexus 10 after a really long wait. Till date, no tablet could beat the iPad and the Nexus 10 is expected to be the iPad killer. Because, it also has the same screen with high-resolution as that of the iPad and the device is also priced around $40 less than the latest iPad. Here are 10 things that you should know about the Google Nexus 10 in detail

Google Nexus 10

The Gigantic Screen

google nexus 10

The best feature of the Google Nexus 10 can be the screen as a matter of fact. It has got a 10-inch super awesome gigantic screen with 2560×1600 pixels resolution. The resolution is almost more than that of the general PC monitor. With an average of 300 pixels per inch, it beats the iPad 3 which has only 264 pixels per inch (ppi)

The Camera

google nexus 10 camera

The Google Nexus 10 comes with two cameras, one rear camera and the other one for video calling of course. The rear camera is 5MP and the front camera is of 1.9MP and so obviously, the front camera beats the iPad 3 here again. It also has the 360 degree photo capturing and sharing which is called Photo Share. It can also record full HD videos at 1080p.


google nexus 10 connectivity

The Google Nexus 10 comes with an awesome range of connectivity options which will also let you to connect to the other hardware. It supports micro USB and micro HDMI ports. It also supports Wi-Fi plus. Regarding the 3G, LTE supports, Google hadn’t announced anything related to these connectivity features.


google nexus 10 design

Samsung is already renowned for its awesome designs in this market of smartphones and tablets. Likely, the Google Nexus 10 will not disappoint any of the users and Nexus fans. The device has a 10-inch screen and weighs about 604 grams where as the iPad 3 weighs 652 grams. The less weight is because of the plastic panel used on its back.

Sound Quality

google nexus 10

Today we are using our Smartphones and tablets for all purposes like listening to our favorite playlist and we watch movies too. Watching movies on the Google Nexus 10 will be a great experience because of its super high-resolution screen display and of course the speakers and sound quality too. The device comes with two stereo speakers fitted on the front which gives a great quality sound experience even when compared to the iPad 3.

Battery Life

google nexus 10

We can say, the battery life of the Google Nexus 10 is just average. But even not completely sure about this. The previous examples built up the expectation. Whereas the iPad gives 10 hours of battery life and the Nexus 10 is not expected to deliver such hours of battery life.

Video Transmission Technology

google nexus 10

The device is built with Miracast technology which is not far way different from the AirPlay technology. The AirPlay technology is a wireless technology which allows two devices to get connected and one they get connected, they can share music, movies and files between themselves. So the Video Transmission Technology of the Google Nexus 10 is the same thing. Anyways, the Android’s Miracast technology is a new thing found in the Nexus 10.

The Performance

google nexus 10

The Google Nexus 10 comes with a powerful yet an awesome 1.7GHz dual core Samsung Exynos processor. It comes with a 2GB RAM which is not so bad. The hardware of this device is also made by Samsung this time. Just like the iPads, the Google Nexus 10 also comes in two formats based on the inbuilt memory- 16GB and 32GB pieces.

One Tablet – Multi Users

google nexus 10 jelly bean

Google Nexus 10 comes with an updated Android 4.2 Jelly Bean software. And unlike the other tablets, the Google Nexus 10 can be shared among users as it supports the user accounts feature where you can set up user accounts and switch between them accordingly, lock protect them.

Availability and Price

google nexus 10As mentioned earlier, the Google Nexus 10 is available in two versions- the 16GB and 32GB ones. The 16GB model of the Google Nexus 10 costs 21,000 INR and the 32GB model costs 27,000 INR whereas the iPad 3 Wi-Fi 16GB model costs 28,000 INR.

Google Nexus 10 is available on the Google Play Store from 11th November in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and all. But there is no official announcement regarding the Indian market.

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