12 Ways to Unblock YouTube at School, Office and University For Free

how to unblock youtube
YouTube is a very good source of entertainment and the funny videos people share on videos can be great stress busters between our hectic work. Unfortunately lot of schools, offices and universities have a different opinion and see it as a time waster, distraction, and productivity killer.

So, to restrict students at school and employees at offices from accessing YouTube they are blocking it in different ways at their convenience.

Apart from entertainment, there are, lot of things that we can learn by watching YouTube videos. If YouTube is  blocked at your school, office or university and you want to know how to unblock it, you are at the right place. In this post we mentioned different ways and techniques to unblock youtube at

  • Educational Institutions Like Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Work Places
  • Youtube Banned Countries

Update: 25-03-17

Here are few handy sites to watch YouTube videos without VPN or proxy.

Unblock YouTube at School, Offices, and Universities using Proxies VPNS, Browser extensions and more

#1. Using Virtual Private Networks to Unblock YouTube (Using VPN’s)

VPN means “virtual private network”. VPNs are private networks which are connected across the internet, they will allow the computer connected through their network to send and receive data through their network. When you use a VPN software, all it does is, connect you with that Virtual private network, which will enable you to send and receive data from that virtual network. There are Hundreds of Paid and Free VPN services available on the internet.

If you are looking for a paid VPN, check out VyprVPN. They have a free plan with 500MB monthly cap, will be great to use on mobile or to listen to radio (Like BBC) from other contries.
Unblock YouTube with Hotspot Shield

1. Hotspot shield, the only free VPN you will need

Hotspot shield is one of the best free VPN service. You should only try the other methods if hotspot shield doesn’t work for you.
You can download the Hotspot shield client from HERE. They also have have an handy browser extension for Chrome and FireFox.

YouTube Unblocked #FTW

If Hotspot shield doesn’t work for you, below or 11 more ways to unblock youtube.

2. Private Tunnel
3. Express VPN
4. Air VPN

Using online Proxy sites (Youtube Proxies)

When a site like YouTube or Facebook is blocked, you can use proxy sites to unblock youtube and facebook.
When you enter YouTube.Com on a proxy site to get YouTube videos unblocked, you are asking the proxy site to unblock youtube and show it to you. So your college administration or firewall won’t know you are using YouTube. All they see is the proxy server address. Effectively, we will connect to a proxy site (server) and then that proxy site will connect you to YouTube. This will let us to access any blocked website like YouTube, Facebook, Gmail etc.

All of the free Online proxy sites work in a similar way, there will be a input box on their sites in which you have to enter the web address of the site which you want to block ( youtube.com in our case). When we hit enter, those online proxy sites will let us to access the site we entered.

Here is the list of few top most Online proxy websites to open Youtube when its blocked.

5. Proxify


Click HERE to use Proxify online proxy website,

Also check : List of Proxy sites to Unblock websites 

6. Kproxy

Click HERE and go to Kproxy.com on the input box provided on the home page enter www.youtube.com and click on surf. You will be redirected to youtube Via Kproxy and you can watch your favourite videos.

7. Surf Again

Click Here and Go to Surf again

8. Mega Proxy

Click Here and Go to Mega Proxy home page

9. Using Hola Browser extension

You can use the Hola browser extension as YouTube unblocker at your school or office. This will make your things easier. All you need to do is, just to download and install a browser extension form the below downloading links. While you try to access youtube.com from your browser, it will automatically browse through secured proxy servers and will let you to access YouTube in no time.

Hola extension to unblock youtube

The good thing about this Hola extension is, it is also available for Android mobiles. You need to download and install Hola app from play store and you should turn the Unblocked ON.

hola android

  • Download Hola Browser extension for Chrome from HERE 
  • Download Hola Browser extension for Firefox from HERE
  • Download Hola for Android from HERE 

10. Using Https connection


Here all you need to do is, just change your “Http” connection to “Https”. For instance if it is http://www.youtube.com in your browser just change it to https://www.youtube.com just by changing it to secure connection. Though this a very silly trick to try, believe me even this works in many cases. Surprisingly this works even at my college too! The reason is at many colleges and schools they just block the websites using few security software’s, where they will manually enter the web address of the sites which they want to block. If they might have just blocked URL’s using http connection then we can access the sites using Https secure connection.

11. Tor Browser


Tor is one of the best used utility for maintaining online anonymity. Tor is basically a proxy software.You can download the tor from HERE https://www.torproject.org/download/download . After installing it will be configured along with your Mozilla Firefox browser. You can access youtube.com from it simply by entering the URL in the address bar.

Also check : how to configure TOR to Unblock Blocked Sites

12. Browsing through a proxy web address.

If you use an online proxy website, each time when you want to open any other blocked site, you can have to resubmit the URL to make it work again. This trick will make your browser to browse through a proxy web address, so that you can browse from any tab, making your things easier. This is how you can do it.



1. Click here to get list of Proxy IP addresses

2. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and go to following settings OPTIONS > ADVANCED >  CONNECTIONS > SETTINGS

3. Click on MANUAL PROXY SETTINGS and enter Proxy IP address selected from the above list, set the port number to 8080 and save settings.Now opening YouTube in your address bar to access the website. if it doesn’t work, you can try by selecting any other IP address from the list.

So this is how you can Unblock YouTube using different ways, if you are still facing any issue in accessing the websites, kindly Comment below to get our assistance.

33 Replies to “12 Ways to Unblock YouTube at School, Office and University For Free”

  1. something that worked for me on my school lap top is to type in the search bar #music and scroll down to music on YouTube. hope that helps!

  2. My school uses Chromebooks and Google School Suite which gives them school emails and the ability to lock the proxy settings, they also use iBoss Cybersecurity which has an adaptive block system and has blocked all of my proxy sites. Can anyone help?

  3. NONE OF THESE WORK! my school is part of the nps (newark public schools) and they block EVERYTHING!!! even if it IS educational! if anyone and i mean ANYONE can find a way to get me past the NPS blocks, i will consider you, the hero that destroyed my boredom!

  4. how the hell am suppose to do my music work when most of the websites blocked it would be a lot easer if youtube wasn’t blocked

    don’t judge im in year 10

  5. I can’t get anything to work, my school has really covered thier Ps and Qs on this one, i need my music and my phone is down i am going mad

  6. I’m on my school computer, and I admit that I am trying to get on YouTube for entertainment purposes, but absolutely nothing worked. I tried on both browsers I have in reach, and still nothing. Any help?

    1. try using Google translate… my school went on a block almost everything spree where the school computers we have are pretty much useless… I typed in https://translate.google.com.mx The mx is there because translate is blocked already and this helps then type in what you want to listen to on regular Google when you find the YouTube link(should be green) copy it make sure the right side is set to English and the left to a different language VERY IMPORTANT then copy the link to the left side it will come out the right in blue and you can get on… it worked for some computers and not for others but it’s something that worked for me… hope it helps

      1. Thanks, that helped a lot we can get onto youtube at home but at school it doesn’t work and when we work we are allowed to listen to music but everthing is blocked so it’s hard.

    2. While searching on internet I came to a site known as playithub.com there you can easily unblock youtube without proxy and download them with ease.

  7. Ya… NONE OF THESE WORK!! >:( my school got custom laptops with a lot of the blocks built in or otherwise the internet security program adaptively blocks new shit

  8. I tried unblocking Youtube for my computer btw this is on my School Laptop~And i tried all of your Proxies~NONE WOKRED~Do you know why~Or how you may help me 🙂

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