14 Best Whatsapp Tricks and tips

WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the world right now, according to the recent stats WhatsApp reportedly has 500 million monthly active users, which is more than the number of Facebook users. Many of us use WhatsApp in our day to day life to chat with others. Whatsapping is always fun. This post will help you to make  things easier and even better using WhatsApp tricks. Go through this post and try the WhatsApp tricks mentioned below, you will definitely love to use them.

14 Best Whatsapp tricks and tips


1. Use WhatsApp on your PC (windows/MAC)

WhatsApp is available for Android, IOS, Windows based smartphones and very few other mobiles. If you own a mobile which does not support WhatsApp or if you wish to use WhatsApp on your PC, This trick is really useful for you. Using this trick you can install WhatsApp on your Windows or MAC PC’s without any issues. For this all you need is an Android Emulator and WhatsApp APK file. Follow the steps below to install and use WhatsApp on Windows/Mac Pc’s

1. Go to Blue stacks  Official website and Download Android Emulator. download-watsapp 2. After installing, you can download and install WhatsApp application from any of the App stores on Bluestacks. bluestacks 3. Instead you can even download the WhatsApp api file and can install on Bluestacks. With this even when you closed Bluestacks you will get notified about the Whatsapp messages

2. Get WhatsApp notification on your PC – Whatsapp trick

Missing your whatsapp messages on mobile while you are working on PC ? Well, here is a WhatsApp trick for you, through which you will be notified every time, when you get messages on WhatsApp. Follow the simple steps below to make it work watsapp-notifications

  1. Download install Android Desktop Notification on your Android device from play store. Click Here to Download
  2. On your PC Download and add Mozilla Firefox Extension or Google Chrome extensions.
  3. After installing the app on your Android device. It will generate a code, Copy it and paste it to your browser extensions. This will synchronize your device with those extensions. Now each time when someone messages you on WhatsApp you will be notified on your PC.

3. Extend your WhatsApp without paying any bucks

Normally on WhatsApp we get 1 year of free subscription, later  we should pay 1$ Annual amount. Though the amount it low, we may not be able to pay it because of payment issues, No you no need to worry about it now. Just follow the steps below and you can extend your WhatsApp subscription for one more year.

  1. Open your WhatsApp application and go to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > DELETE ACCOUNT.
  2. It will ask for your mobile number there, just add your mobile number and click on Delete my account.
  3. uninstall your WhatsApp and Re-install it, with this your WhatsApp subscription will get extend again for one more year.

4. Change your number without re-installing it

Previously to change our number in WhatsApp, we used to re-install the application. But now WhatsApp has provided an option in its settings, using which we can Directly Change our number without Re-installing WhatsApp.

  1. On your WhatsApp Go to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > DELETE ACCOUNT.
    change number
  2. It will show you a screen something like the above screenshot, Click on NEXT
    change number
  3. Enter both your old and new mobile number and tap on DONE.

5. Send Zip/APK files on WhatsApp – Best Whatsapp trick

Using WhatsApp we can only send and receive, Music/video files. Due to security issues. WhatsApp will not let us to send any other type of files. It’s easy to send files on WhatsApp compared to other file sharing applications. Using this WhatsApp trick you can send and receive ZIP/APK/PDF files on WhatsApp using simple steps.

  1. Download and install WhatsApp packed application from Play store on your Android device. Note: Both the sender and receiver should have this application installed on their devices.
  2. After installing the Open the chat box of the one to whom you want to send the file, tap on the PIN icon on the top and select AUIDO from the list.
    send files
  3. Select WHATSAPP PACKED to send the file, browse through it and select the PDF or Zip files that you want to share with your friends, it will take few seconds for packing and it will send a music file. When your friend receives the music file, WhatsApp packed app on your friends device automatically retrieves the ZIP/PDF file that you have sent to him. Receiver will be notified after file is unpacked.

6. Transfer your Conversation from one device to another

Many of us have a habit of Changing our mobile device often, to use latest version of Smartphones, during then we might lost all our Conversation on WhatsApp. Here is WhatsApp trick for you to Transfer conversations from one device to another device.

  1. Open your File Manager on your device. If you don’t have any file managers installed on your PC, then you can Download it from here
    trasfer conversations
  2. In your Internal Storage memory Go to WhatsApp Folder and open DATABASES. You will find many files there, Copy all those files and move them to your PC.
  3. Now Install WhatsApp again on the device to which you are going to transfer your conversations. Navigate to Internal memory > WhatsApp > databases and transfer the Database files in that folder. Now you will find all your conversation back on your mobile.

7. Stop Auto Media Download on WhatsApp

With the Default settings of WhatsApp, while we are on Wi-Fi network. Media files get automatically Downloaded to our device without our notice. Follow the steps bellow to stop the Auto Download media on WhatsApp.

  1. Open your WhatsApp application and navigate to OPTIONS > SETTINGS > CHAT SETTINGS > MEDIA AUTO DOWNLOAD.
  2. There you will find three option

    • When using mobile Data
    • When connected on Wi-Fi
    • When Roaming

You can tweak all these settings by tapping on them.

8. Hide last seen/ Profile Picture / Status – Whatsapp tip

Recently as we know Facebook Acquired WhatsApp for 19 billions Facebook always bothers a lot about Users Privacy. After Acquiring WhatsApp, there was an update on WhatsApp, enchasing its Privacy settings. Using those privacy settings you can hide your last seen, Profile Pic, and Status according to your needs. To do this follow the below instruction,

  1. Make sure that you have updates version of WhatsApp installed on your Device. If it’s not updated, you can update it from Play Store.
  2. Now open your WhatsApp application and navigate to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > PRIVACY.
  3. There you can see LAST SEEN, PROFILE PHOTO AND STATUS options. Tap on them and select any option according to your needs,
  • If it is set to EVERYONE – Everyone who have your mobile number saved with them can see your details.
  • If it is set to MY CONTACTS – Only the people in your contacts can see your WhatsApp details
  • If it is set to nobody – None can see your details.

9. Schedule Message on WhatsApp (Root access required)

Scheduling messages will let us to do many things like, wishing our dear one on happy occasions in time without missing anyone. You can use the below trick to Schedule message on WhatsApp. But this is only available for Rooted Device. schedule

  1. Download and install Seebye Scheduler on your Rooted Android device.
  2. Sign in using any of the social networking sites listed there.
  3. You can create a trigger to send schedule message to any one as shown in the above screenshot.

10. Create Fake WhatsApp Conversations

Want to make some fun by creating Fake conversations on WhatsApp? Well here is an app that will make your things easier in creating fake conversations.

  1. For Creating Fake Conversations on WhatsApp Download and install Yazzy 
  2. Open the application and you will be shown a list of social networking sites and apps, Select WhatsApp from the list.
    fake conversation
  3. You will be show a screen something like the above screenshot. You can set name and display pic in the first step. You can add conversations along with the time of conversation, in the second step. You can save the image in the final third step.

11. Get Chat head for WhatsApp (Root Required)

You might have come across Chat heads while using Facebook messenger on your Android devices. But WhatsApp messages are just notified in the status bar. Using this Trick you can get chat heads even for WhatApp. From your rooted Android device Download and install Seebye chat heads. After installing this you will be shown simple tutorial on using this application, by following which you can enable chat heads for WhatsApp.

12. Password Protect your WhatsApp

We always want to hide our personal WhatsApp conversations from others. To do this you can set a password to Whatsapp so that no one can peep in to your conversations without your permission applock

  1. Download and install AppLock application from the Android play store.
  2. When you open WhatsApp, it will ask you to set the password, enter a password there.
  3. You will be shown a list of applications from which   you should browse and select WhatsApp from the list. Close the application and open WhatsApp, If everything it done correct a window opens asking you password to enter.

13. Restore Deleted Conversations

restore If you have deleted your conversations unknowingly and if you wish to get back them, just uninstall WhatsApp and re-install it. During the installation process, WhatsApp will search for the previous conversations and will ask you to restore them. Click on restore and your conversations can be retrieved back.

14. Install WhatsApp on Tablets without SIM

On many Android devices without a SIM you cannot install WhatsApp, because you will not have a contacts application installed in them. For this you need to install any contact manager application on those devices. This Makes WhatsApp to access your contacts and it will work without any issue. You can Download Go Contact application from HERE.   Use the comments section below to ask your doubts regarding any of the Whatsapp Tricks mentioned in this post. You can slow share any other interesting tricks with us in the comments below 🙂

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