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Website screenshots help designers to showcase their work and also help bloggers to place the website in front of advertisers in a much professional way. This post is all about the different tools and services through which you can create awesome website screenshots of your website or portal.

Browser Addons: We use browsers most often. It will be much easier to create website screenshots while we are browsing the webpage. Here are a few addons or extensions for different browsers that will help in picking up the complete image of the website.

Google Chrome Addons Or Extensions That Will Help To Create Website Screenshots:

Webpage And Webcam Screenshot

 1. Webpage And Webcam Screenshot: This awesome tool is fantastic. This particular Google chrome addon will help you to create or  generate the website screenshot in a simple straight forward way and will get the image downloaded directly to your computer. The additional feature is that you can edit the webpage online and then take the screenshot. Does not that sound cool and interesting?

Awesome Screenshot

2. Awesome Screenshot: Capture And Annotate: Using this,the entire page or a fraction of the page or the visible part of the page’s screenshot can be generated. The additional part of the game is that you can edit the image before getting it shifted to your computer.

Explain And Send Screenshots

3. Explain And Send Screenshots: You will fall in love with this tool once you realize its potential of generating awesome website screenshots. The best part of this, that makes me use it a lot is the ability of explaining the things through the images which I generally like while writing or expressing something on the web. Infact, this serves as an all in one tool for capturing the website screenshot, editing them and then getting them saved.

Mozilla Addons Or Extensions For Creating Website Screenshots:

4. Awesome Screenshot Plus: This is much similar to the Google Chrome Addon that has been mentioned earlier. The additional feature available here is that you can find similar websites using this addon at the same time.

Webscreen capture Extension For Opera:


5. Screeshoter: This will let you to generate website screenshots easily. The only difficulty is that you wont see any download option. You have to right click on your mouse after clicking on capture and then you will get the things done.

Online Services, Tools And Websites That Will  Generate Awesome Website Screenshots:

6. CTRLQ.ORG/SCREENSHOTS :  An online tool designed by India’s first professional blogger Amit Agarwal. This tool will generate the website screenshot in a new window after entering the URL.
7. : The website that will produce the exact output, I mean website screenshot of the website on entering the URL.
8. : This tool does the part of generating website screenshots and also helps the users in getting the image in their required sizes.

Credit :

9. This portal allows to generate the website screenshots in a much similar way. This does not have adittional options. The only task that gets completed here is the generation of website screenshot.
10. : This website gets your image or website screenshot generated instantly within fraction of seconds. Enter the URL and hit enter and you are good to go.
11. One of my favorites. The reason is that it generates website screenshots in different thumbnail sizes and helps users save time.
12. It helps in taking the screenshots in the size the user needs.
13. Faststone: This utility helps to create website screenshots with its awesome control panel. You can create the website screenshot only for the visible part or for the entire area.
14. Paparazzi: Is a small extension for MAC OSX to create website screenshots.
15. Windows Snipping Tool & Print Screen Key On Your Keyboard: This can get your work done in a simple way. But they do not provide efficient website screenshots of the complete webpage.

Disclosure: Everything that I mentioned here are personally used and tested on my computer before mentioning them except MACOSX extension since I do not posses MAC :P. Personally, I use the 3 Google Chrome Addons and Windows Snipping Tool For getting things done and Paint for editing and manipulating images. Please read reviews if you have any doubts about any software before installing them.

Which tool or service do you use to create website screenshots? Please do let us know,


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  • December 22, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Thanks sir
    actually my laptop’s Prt Scr button was not working and got a lot difficulty for taking picture of screen.these ways will help me a lot.I think iis best for printing screen. this gives sizes of printing.


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