The range of Android apps is huge and it is also confusing too. With the free travel apps listed below, you can easily manage all the activities in travel flawlessly.

A smartphone is itself great helper for travel: you are saved (in the bad situations), the miniature camera and camcorder can be used for short albums. Google Maps and a weather widget are already integrated that helps you to understand your positioning details and directions. Free games can be used to let the kids busy for a while. But since there is so much more! Therefore, we have listed 18 free apps from the Android Market, which has been acquired by Google and can be downloaded from “Play Store” . All the apps are  thoroughly tested with Android 2.2.2.


A flat rate for Internet access is essential to the use of many apps. Abroad, it is so watch so roaming charges will not break the bill!

Travel App # 1: Countdown Widget


Anticipation is half the fun though: if you want to know exactly, how long it will be until the day of departure, this may be the  Countdown Widget see at a glance at the screen. (Suitable also for the home – such as during the Christmas period, during pregnancy …)

Download on Google Play: Countdown Widget

Travel App # 2: Luggage Checklist


Good preparation is the Alpha and Omega for families With Luggage Checklist with which he luggage list can be  created quickly. The app is just about a few clicks along a packing list for every conceivable occasion travel. It also contain the important errands that you always forget before leaving : like  forwarding at the post office, gas shut off, pay bills … you can add your own entries of course.

Only downside: Between umpteen templates such as camping, cycling or hotel holiday, each containing tens lower back issues can be found not only for babies, children and families.Here, unfortunately, there is pent-up demand.

Download on Google Play: LuggageChecklist

Travel App # 3: Evernote


Who wants to collect more notes lists, screenshots, photos, etc. and stick together with clear tags and search functions that needs more power: Evernote is not only for planning and managing memories an incredibly useful tool.

Download on Google Play: Evernote , free

Size: 6.9 MB (!)

Travel App # 4: Travel Pocket

Travel Pocket

Travel Pocket is like an electronic domestic book administers all expenses in multiple currencies, which is symbolized in seven categories (food, transportation, clothes, …), each with different sub-categories, with clear icons and list supplemented with personal notes, helps you manage holiday budgets . With detailed reports by date, category or currency You keep track of the cost of the trip. You have to save but yourself!

Download on Google Play: Travel Pocket , free

Travel App No. 5: ConvertMe (Beta)

ConvertMe (Beta)

“And how much of that is now in euros …? “ConvertMe (Beta) is an all-rounder that really converts each number. of 1,500 units, clothes sizes and physical formulas to currencies from 180 countries Especially practical: the integrated tip. What percentage we want to give as many people share the bill? Mental arithmetic is on vacation just too exhausting . So this app can be solved to overcome all such problems.

Download on Google Play: ConvertMe (Beta), free

Travel App No. 6: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

If you are traveling with children, you should be ready with a first aid kit and  more security. The First Aid Kit app helps parents to do treatment of minor wounds (drawback: the really creepy photos are obsolete!), it also provides emergency medical information, tips about nearest pharmacy and application instructions for resuscitation can be found.

Download on Google Play: First Aid Kit, free

Size: 2.6 MB

Travel App # 7: dict.cc


Abroad, you can understand any station information ? The app of dict.cc has dictionaries for 51 language pairs your best stores before traveling to the SD card on your phone, so that they can then be used as a traditional offline dictionary. The Hindi-English dictionary contains translations 875,000 – enough for every trip. In combination with English or Hindi, there are just about every European and asian language.

Download on Google Play: dict.cc , free

Size: 3.8 MB

Travel App # 8: Tourist: Language Learn and speak

Tourist language learn & speak

If you look up the individual words is too cumbersome, because your in Japan anyway “lost in translation” are, then helps Tourist: Language Learn and speak in sentences with lots of common situations, figures and small talk phrases really any language ( Drawback: between Australian and British English and Spanish and Argentine Spanish, we can not tell the difference – the amount of space you could have save yourself).

The gimmick: If it falls short with the pronunciation, the app can also audition the word in question – which can also understand the Vietnamese taxi driver!

Download on Google Play: Tourist: Language Learn and speak , free

Travel App # 9: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights

These are the questions which are more specific to travel type, TripAdvisor helps to get the answers of such questions by looking in the guide (for international travelers). Again, unfortunately: A vast quantity of information on attractions, restaurants and game plans – just no category for families and children. Where is the nearest playground, which restaurant is child-friendly, is there a changing room in my area? None. Too bad.

Download on Google Play:TripAdvisor , free

Size: 2.1 kB MB/868

Travel App 10: Bathroom Scout

Bathroom Scout

“Mamaaa, I have to …” The dreaded sentence, especially on city trips in the winter, can be attributed at least in Germany, is now out of the way: The Bathroom Scout finds all toilets within the smartphone-whether they are public or in restaurants, However, you have to find out yourself. Who is reporting new toilets helps to improve the app further, allegedly as 600,000 toilets are registered worldwide.

Download on Google Play: Bathroom Scout  , free

Size: 1.0 MB

Travel App # 11: Holidays + School holidays

Holidays and Vacations Free

With the app Holidays + School for free (not exactly the most original name) know your not just about the school holidays in all states know, but you can also take a look, is when celebrated in Japan the cherry blossom festival (from 7 to 14 April), or whether, therefore, all people wearing green hats, because today is Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17).

Download on Google Play: Holidays + School free , free

Size: 773 kB

Travel App # 12: Wiki Encyclopedia

Wiki Encyclopedia

For all the curious “Mom, what is …” questions, there is the Wiki Encyclopedia Wikipedia community – looked up briefly, and already has a piece of the young wiser.

Download on Google Play: Wiki Encyclopedia , free

Size: 570 kB

Travel App # 13: Sky Map

sky map

When common sight in the night sky rise equal to the next questions: What is that star over there?  Where is the moon, and the stars are the Big Dipper? Wise parents whip out your smartphone and keep it up: Sky Map shows directly through the site location where the sun, moon and stars, and all without a camera. Also practical for finding the direction and especially gray days as an indication of which direction the sun would actually appear!

Download on Google Play: Sky Map , free

Size: 2.2 MB

Travel App No. 14: Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife : Sure, the Swiss Army knife while hiking dad always in your pocket. Now it has come on the smartphone: with different features like flashlight, magnifying glass, spirit level, compass, calculator, ruler and stopwatch are here with no frills like animations and 3D in an app that does not: Simple tools for home use are summarized in a single app Internet access required and on the SD card also saves memory.

Download on Google Play: Swiss Army Knife , free

Size: 429 kB

Travel App No. 15: wetter.com and wetter.net

The main issues in the holiday is: What’s the weather? wetter.com or wetter.net beautifully designed 7-day forecasts for over 100,000 locations worldwide offer, rain radar and – for very cautious – and warnings of severe weather (also available via vibrator). With our prototype we were able to bring any of the apps as a widget on the home screen, for quick view of the smartphone at the morning tightening the already integrated weather widget from Motorola is therefore unbeatable.

Download on Google Play: wetter.com and wetter.net , both free

Size: 4.2 MB / 1.3 MB

Travel App # 16: Toddler Lock

Toddler Lock

The benefits of smart phones as children employment nowadays is undisputed. There are so many great games that we present here only the complete all-rounder: Toddler Lock locks the phone for curious children’s fingers, this busy but at the same hours – with the finger, colored lines are drawn, tapping (or plan sculpting) creates fun icons and to strums a fine, not annoying melody. To unlock, simply clockwise in all four corners of the display type (yes, this is also necessary when a call comes in – after all, Junior not accidentally make calls with the boss …). We tested the app with children aged between one and eight years (!) – And were all busy for at least 15 minutes!

Download on Google Play: Toddler Lock , free

Size: 279 kB

Travel App No. 17: Touchnote

Touchnote Postcards

A postcard from vacation, everyone wants to have – and here begins the problem: You have to find a nice theme, buy a stamp with the correct value, and finally a post box. Three annoying things that you TouchNote decreases. Created the design of your smartphone photo gallery, it handled according to your wishes, write a greeting to and sends the virtual card to Net-book – all the way until your Free Wi-Fi Finder (see No. 20) found a free hot-spot you! The cards are printed on high quality paper with 300 dpi resolution and shipped for about 1.50 euros worldwide in 200 countries. The only drawback: The original postmark, and the breath of the big wide world, you can send not so natural.

Download on Google Play: Netbook , free

Size: 4.6 MB

Travel App No. 18: Free Zone WiFi

Free zone wifi

The best app is useless if it requires an Internet connection and no place – or you want to save roaming charges abroad.  Therefore, is Free Zone WiFi is useful , the data connections and hotspots located and arranged in categories indicating worldwide in 144 countries. The best thing: The search for Wifi is also available offline, so you can check before the trip using the postcode or street name, if you can surf for free at the resort. Great – and free!

Download on Google Play: Free Zone WiFi, free

Size: 1.0 MB

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