keyboard shorcuts to make google chrome faster

In this fast world, everyone wants their web-browser to surf internet faster. You can not increase the speed of your internet but what you can increase is your speed for doing work on a web browser. Google Chrome is the world’s fastest web-browser. So, I have come up with a list of shortcuts and tricks that you can use to speed up working on Google Chrome. In this post, I have listed almost every shortcut or trick that you can use to work faster on the world’s fastest web-browser, Google Chrome.

keyboard shorcuts to make google chrome faster

Note: These shortcuts or tricks won’t speed up your browser or internet connection but these will definitely enhance your speed for working on Google Chrome web browser. There are shortcuts you might not know. So, just give it a read.

Shortcuts For Google Chrome

1. New Tab: This will open a new tab on the current window.
Command: Ctrl + T

2. New Window: It will open a new Window of Google Chrome without closing the opened window.
Command: Ctrl + N

3. Open New Incognito Window: This will open a new incognito window. Sites you view in this window won’t appear in history and they won’t leave any traces on your computer.
Command: Ctrl +Shift + N

4. Close Tab: This will close the current tab.
Command: Ctrl + N

5. Opening Last Closed Tab: Using this combination of keys will open the most recently closed Tab.
Command: Ctrl + Shift + T

6. Go To Home Page: This will open your Google Chrome’s homepage in the current tab.
Command: Alt + Home

7. Tab Switching: This will change your current selected Tab to the next Tab in the order.
Command: Ctrl + Tab

8. Reverse Tab Switching: This will reverse the process of switching of Tabs i.e., change the current Tab to previous Tab in order.
Command: Ctrl + Shift + Tab

9. Jump Between Tabs: This will quickly change your current tab from Tab 1 to Tab 4 or Tab , e.t.c.
Command: Ctrl + 1 or Ctrl + 2 or Ctrl + n

10. Bookmark Current Page: It will bookmark the page opened in the current tab (Go ahead and try it. Just Kidding).
Command: Ctrl + D

11. Show/Hide Bookmark Bar: It will show your bookmark bar if it is hidden and vice-versa.
Command: Ctrl + Shift + B

12. Bookmark Manager: This will open a window showing all of your bookmarks.
Command:  Ctrl + Shift + O

13. Open History: This will open up your browsing history tab.
Command: Ctrl + H

14. Open Downloads: This will open up your downloads tab.
Command: Ctrl + J

15. View Source Code: With this you can view the source code of the web page open in the current tab.
Command: Ctrl + U

16.  Quick Search: This will quickly search internet from your address bar using your default search provider.
Command: Ctrl + E or Ctrl + K

17. Task Manager: This will open the task manager different running processes of Google Chrome.
Command: Shift + ESC

18. Clear Browsing Data: This open a new tab with option on what to clear in your browsing data (History, cookies, cache, e.t.c.)
Command: Ctrl + Shift + DEL

19. Select Address Bar: This will directly select your Google Chrome’s address bar.
Command: Ctrl + L

20. Menu: Opens up the Google Chrome’s menu.
Command: Alt + F or Alt + E or F10

I have listed all the important shortcuts. To know more you can go to Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts.

Tricks For Google Chrome

1. Application Shortcut: You can create desktop shortcuts for a particular website. Creating Application Shortcut will open a dedicated window only for the website specified. This could be useful if you use a website often and you don’t want to write its URL every time.
(Options > Tools > Create Application Shortcut…)

2. Incognito Window: Incognito window(Ctrl + Shift + N) is useful if you don’t want to show or leave any traces of opened webpage in your browsing history.

3. Recently Closed Tab: Google Chrome retains you last ten closed tabs in your browser’s recent history. So, you can use Ctrl + Shift + T for ten times to open your last ten closed tab in the backward format.

4. Deleting History: Instead of deleting the complete browsing history, you can delete history of a particular date if you want to. To do so, open history tab(Ctrl + H) and select the particular history and hit clear.

5. Back and Forward Button: Hold down back or forward button to get a little more of your history.

6. Processes: If you doubt on a process, you can kill by selecting it in Task Manager(Shift + ESC) and then clicking on “Kill” button.

I hope that the information provided will be useful to you and will speed up your working on a Google Chrome window. Tell us your favorite shortcut by commenting below.

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