Free Softwares to create videos for Blogging and YouTube:

Are you thinking of starting video blogging or do you have some really cool videos in your hard drive which is worth getting shared with your friends on your blog but needs some editing?

Well people who are successful bloggers use high quality videos and personally edit them, making them more interesting but I don’t think people like us, normal bloggers would like to spend $100 for video editing software, we already pay a lot of hosting and stuff.


So, I have come upon with these 3 sources that enable you to edit a video somewhat professionally and if you are on Windows XP SP2, you have one installed in your system.

Although most Digital Camera brands provide decent video editing software but if you are not happy with the software that comes bundled with your purchase, it is time to know some good software whose price is a mighty $0.

Windows Movie Maker

This program would be pre-installed in your system if you are working with Windows XP SP2 but if you are operating on a better version like Windows 7, you can easily download Windows Movie Maker from Official Microsoft Inventory.


Microsoft Movie Maker offers all the basic video editing tools and has a wide variety of slide transitions and effects, so your video won’t look monotonous.

If you don’t want to waste time on creating slide transitions just hit “Automovie” command and let the video editor do the work for you, best suited for pictorial videos.

There is an in-built title adder that will allow you to add titles and subs in your video. Windows Movie Maker is the best free video editing tool for Windows.

Avid Free DV

This software is relatively weaker software as compared to its richer cousin Avid Xpress Pro but still doesn’t compromise on basic video editing tools.

With Avid Free DV you can merge two video into one and add good effects. It can generate custom as well automated slide transitions. It is very beneficial for those who want to make videos from pictures.

This software works on both Mac OS and Windows Platform. Download Avid DV Free.

Well this one is only limited for creating videos from pictures which I think most bloggers want these days. It becomes a tedious job for both bloggers and readers to scroll through never-ending pictures.


Animoto’s simple yet effective video editor enables a user to add pictures and then it automatically adds music and slide effects to them thus creating a mind-blowing video from still pictures.

People using YouTube or Metacafe would find it really simple to use and software that produces good quality videos too.

These were some of the software for video blogging and websites that one can use in order to create high quality video for blogs and YouTube Video Blogging.

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