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Although instant messaging has taken up the communication space in the recent years, emails are still used a lot in professional spaces. Millions of emails are being sent every few hours and there’s no sign of fall in the usage.

Apart from just communicating, emails have also become one of the most efficient marketing tool nowadays. And to iterate and come up with new strategies, companies should understand how their emails are working, whether the recipients are happy with them and such. We already know that almost every email marketing app comes with a tracker that helps you see how many people have opened your email, how many of them have opened the link (if any) etc., Isn’t it equally important to be able to see all that data from your email client itself instead of using a third-party software? Well, read-receipts are available on Gmail only for Google Apps users, but with third-party plugins and extensions, you can track your email on the go and see all the data right on the same window.

Also it is slightly horrifying that we are being tracked at every moment on the internet, we should also realize that we need to use the apps only to understand the customers and not to annoy them.

Here is a list of 5 best email tracking apps-


Yesaware Email Tracking

One of the most used email tracking app that lets you track your Gmail and Hotmail emails. Yesaware is probably the best one around. Yesaware also has its own iPhone app too. With real-time analytics, link and attachment tracking, Yesaware helps you plan your business more effectively and efficiently. Every time someone opens your email, you get a notification instantly with all the details. The app comes as an extension for your browser.


Sidekick by Hubspot

Internet marketing giant Hubspot’s own email tracking Sidekick is another wonder. With a free plan that lets you track up to 200 notifications a month, you can always upgrade to a premium plan. Also, for every friend you invite to the app, Sidekick upgrades your account to unlimited notifications for that month. Sidekick sends you a notification every time someone opens your email or clicks the link. It also gives you a detailed report on the app page. It can also tell you what device the email is opened from and where. Isn’t that cool?


ToutApp is awesome for CRM integration. For sales people, ToutApp is probably what they have been looking for ultimately. Apart from just email tracking, ToutApp is a complete acceleration to your sales. With a feature to integrate Salesforce, ToutApp also supports link tracking, templates, scheduling and email reminders as well.

Extra feature: ToutApp also gives you a detailed report of your Gmail activity at the end of every year. Generate your 2014 report here.

ToutApp Email Tracking Report


For those of you who like to have a no-nonsense app with a clean interface that gives you a read-receipt and that’s all, Mailtrack is what you are probably looking for. This minimal app just adds tick marks to your sent emails in the folder. Once opened, you see double-ticks, just like it is on WhatsApp.

Enjoyed the list? Let us know which one you like the most.

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