3 Different Options to Record and Save Online Streaming Audio

Do you enjoy listening to music, radio programs, and other content over the internet? Have you ever wanted to record or save something that you were listening to – or that would be airing soon?

Although most online streaming audio platforms (aside from podcasts) won’t provide you with a download link that you can use – there are ways that you can record and save them regardless. In fact, there are three main types of options that you can use:

  • Internet radio recorders

As you can guess based on its name, this option is generally exclusive to internet radio broadcasts. Essentially they are a type of software that are designed to list various internet radio stations and provide you with an option to record and save the content.

Aside from the fact that it only works with internet radio stations, the main limitation of this option is the fact that the range of stations differs from software to software. In other words if you want to record a specific radio station you’ll have to search for a software that supports it – or that lets you add it to the list in some way.

All in all however it is a convenient option to save online radio broadcasts in general.

  • Screen or sound recorders

One of the most versatile options to record and save online streaming audio is to try a screen recorder or a sound recorder. Both are capable of recording the system audio from your computer (and possibly audio from other sources too) – and a screen recorder can also record video from your display.

Essentially that means that you can use screen or sound recorders to record any type of online streaming audio that is playing on your computer. That includes internet radio as well as online streaming audio from other platforms or websites.

Keep in mind that different screen and sound recorders can have very different features – and you should find one that has what you need. For example some may have automated recording features that can make it more convenient to capture the audio that you want.

  • Video downloader websites

Generally video downloader websites are a popular option to download online streaming videos from platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. However most can also save the audio tracks from videos – allowing you to essentially save the online streaming audio.

Using video downloader websites can be a convenient option – but only if you want to download the audio from popular video streaming platforms. Some may support a limited range of audio streaming platforms, but most do not.

The reason this option is popular is because it is easy. All you need to do is plug in the URL and it will process and give you a link to download the file that you need.

As you can see your best bet if you want to record streaming audio in general is to use a screen or sound recorder.

One option that you should definitely try is Movavi Screen Recorder. It can be set up quickly to download audio streams, and will let you trim the recording and select the format that you want to save it in. Naturally it can also record videos, which may come in handy at some point too.

Keep in mind that the other options listed above can be useful as well – especially when you want to save online streaming audio from specific platforms. In fact it may help to try each one out so that you can see for yourself how it works.

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