3 Signs That Your Hard Drive Is Going To Fail

Nowadays almost every person likes to keep his personal documents, videos, images, or audio files on their computer hard drive. Compared to the old ways of storing data like paper or diary, hard drives have a limited lifetime which is around 5-10 years. But the fact that hard drive doesn’t fail without a host of signs, thus giving you signals to store or backup your precious data.

If you really unsure about the signs of hard drive failure, then read this articles to find out what signs may reveal hard drive failure.

Signs of hard drive failure

Slow Computer with Frequent Freezes and Blue Screen of Death

signs that hard drive is going to fail

These signs are very unspecific as they can be cause by millions of different reasons. But whatever be the reason be, you should immediately backup your data. After making a backup try formatting and a fresh installation of Operating System on your hard drive. If the problems still persist, the cause behind is hardware failure, thus possibly a failing hard drive.

Corrupted Data and Lots of Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

signs that hard drive is going to fail

If you’re unable to open a saved file, even if the file was saved without any error whatsoever or the files are disappearing, then it may be hard drive related problem. So, you should backup your data and try a fresh installation of your Operating System as problems like these can be virus or malware related. If the problem still persists, then your hard drive is prone to fail.

Bad sectors are those parts of a hard drive where it cannot maintain data integrity. It is very difficult to find bad sectors as they are automatically masked by Operating Systems. You can check your hard drive for bad sectors by Right-Clicking on any hard Drive partition and choosing Properties. Now Select Tools tab and click on Check Now, to check your hard drive for bad sectors.

signs that hard drive is going to fail

Strange Sounds made by your Hard Drive

If your hard drive is making strange sounds or noises, then it may be too late already. This repetitive sound is also known as click of death which is caused by the head as it tries to write data and recovers from error while doing so.

If your hard drive is making grinding or screeching sounds or noises, then there is a hardware problem, like spindle motor or bearing are failing.

What to do when you think your hard drive is going to fail

I think the best available option for you is to make a backup of your personal documents, images, video or audio files. I would also add that you should always keep a secondary drive as a backup hard drive, just in cases like this.

Closing Words: You shouldn’t rely on software or on other signs to tell you that your hard drive is going to fail, an occurrence like this comes unexpectedly. So, take timely and regular backups. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.

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