3 Smart Ways to Make More Money with the Coming iPhone 5

3 Smart Ways to Make More Money with the Coming iPhone 5

As a blogger, there are many chances of making money through the things that happen around the internet. A good way to go about this is to look around the

web for hot news and blog about it. There is much hot news that a blogger can start a topic on and one of the prevalent in this present season is the much anticipated iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is now one of the most searched terms on Google and is making it to the headlines everyday; imagine your blog featured on alexa toolbar. That would be great, isn’t it? But you have to work towards it!

In the past few days, techcrunch has been covering one news or the other about iPhone 5 and must have made some real bulks from ads revenue. In this article, let’s look at how a normal blogger can make money with the coming iPhone 5.

Read More iPhone 5 Rumors

For you to be able to deliver the latest news about iPhone 5, you must read a lot of news and articles from different blogs on iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is fast becoming a generic topic, but there are still some things you have to know before you write about the topic.

You can subscribe to news feeds and updates from popular tech blogs like techcrunch, lifehacker and a host of others. Unless it is stated that what you are reading is a rumor, try as much as you can to verify every news you read before you write about it on your blog.

Write about it on Your Blog

Write about iPhone 5 on your blog. If you can write about iPhone 5 on your blog and get many people to read your post and tweet it and also share it to facebook and other social media sites, your blog traffic will double and other sites may also syndicate your articles!

The more articles you write on your blog about iPhone 5, the bigger your chances of making more money from it. Don’t stop writing about any hot topic on your blog until that topic dies down. Like I always do on my Lunarpages discount and iContact coupon blog, I normally look out for trendy topics and blog about them till those topics die down.

Get iPhone Pictures for Your Blog Posts

What I’ve noticed so far, at least in my experience of the iPhone 5 trend, is that the news or articles regarding iPhone 5 that gets the most views and become subsequently popular are the ones with pictures.

If you can get high quality images for every blog post you create on iPhone 5, you are sure going to gain a very reasonable amount of traffic to your blog and thus get more people to click your ads. But the important thing is that you have to make sure the image you use together with your blog post is relevant to iPhone 5 and particularly the topic you are writing about.

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