3 Unheard Myths About List Posts

How do you feel reading a list post? I, personally feel interesting, good and shortly written deep informative content. I love even writing them too. List posts are the best way to engage with the user, I believe. When you’ve something to tell your readers about upcoming android phones, how do you write them? “Top 7 Upcoming Android Smartphones” or a detailed description on those phone, which is no less than a doctors’ prescription- Hard to read.

But though these are my personal views, there are some people who say list posts are bad and they’re just meant for lazy writers. Believe it or not, they actually work. Putting eye-catchy headlines in your articles is far better than writing bundles of useless paragraphs. I often see people who make fake comments on list posts, lets see them

#1. Lazy Writers Only Prefer List Postslazy writer

I don’t actually accept this. Writing itself isn’t for lazy guys, then who are lazy writers? But I must accept, there are some people who write some words, cut them into paras irrespective of meaning and add some bullets to make them look good. But list posts aren’t of those kind. A writer must do a lot of research and even work a lot in arranging the list in the correct order. In fact, working on list posts can definitely develop your writing skills.

#2. They Must Be Long

People say list posts must be long, so they bore readers. But great list posts aren’t long enough always. Consider this post for example, I’m not listing this under those great posts, but isn’t this a short list post? I admit, there are some huge list posts with bundles of words which are good all though. But I can’t digest it, whenever I hear “List posts are meant to be long enough”.

As a matter of fact, huge list posts just get bookmarked and not read. What do you do when you find a interesting yet an ultra huge article? I just bookmark it and comfort my self reading it later; although I never read it later.

#3. List Posts Don’t Suit My Niche

What should I call this, a myth or a funny statement? I laugh out loud whenever I hear people saying “List Posts aren’t my type”. Well, what is your type, then? I’ve blogs on many niches and I feel comfortable writing a list post for any of them. Don’t believe me? Okay, lets take an example niche, Health. If you think list posts doesn’t suit health niche, then what is “5 Simple Ways To Avoid Asthma”.

Readers actually love short, simple articles when they get information which is no less than that of an ultra long post. So start writing on list posts too, they do work. Do let me know, how you feel writing them.

4 Replies to “3 Unheard Myths About List Posts”

  1. Well, list posts are a great way to provide information to the readers. The readers can easily extract the required data for their use and it leaves a good impression on them.

  2. You are absolutely correct. List posts are always worthy. It is one easiest way to target large keywords. Recently i wrote some list posts. It really changed the number of audience up to 50%….

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