4 Best Android FPS Games You Cannot Ignore

What is the best thing about the Android Phones? Open Source, everyone says it. But if you pay attention, nowadays there are hell lot of action games available for your Android Devices. And in this post we will discuss some of them. Below are few of the best Android action games you cannot ignore.

Dead Trigger Duo

Dead Trigger 1 and Dead Trigger 2 are the games that almost every Android gamer might have heard of. And if you are just new in this gaming scene, these two games are a must try for you. Dead Trigger has a story line where the zombies have taken over the world. And you have to survive whole, doing missions, collecting cash, ammo and stuff. The game is a first person shooter action game. And what is the best part about this game? It’s free. It provides you with the premium gameplay free of cost. Many weapons and wide variety of ammunition and stuff like grenades, bandages, turrets etc. You can download the game from the play store link given below.

Download Dead Trigger

dead trigger

Into the Dead

Into the Dead is another premium game that you can download for free from the play store, but it has some in purchases that you might need to do. Coming to the gameplay, it is a hybrid of two genres, the first person shooter and the infinite runner. You just survived a zombie Apocalypse and now you need to run to save your life. You pickup up different kinds of weapons like chainsaws, and guns and just ruthlessly kill the zombies you encounter.
All in all, though the game is not an error first person shooter game, but it’s quite fun. Specially considering the fact that it is free. Download the game from the play store link below.

Download Into The Dead


Modern Combat Series

Modern Combat games have also been best in the Android works. The Modern Combat series are purely first person shooting and you are assigned various missions. The gameplay and the graphics of these games are just out off the world. They are better than any other first person shooting game on the Play Store. But these premium generosity features and graphics are not free, the game is priced at about $6.99, the Modern Combat 5. You can buy the Modern Combat 5 from the link below.

Download Modern Combat 5

modern combat 5

N.O.V.A. 3

NOVA 3 is a story oriented first person shooter game. The game story is carried out in space and the outer world. Just like the Modern Combat games, NOVA has out of the class graphics and gameplay. In the game, the humans try to take back control over earth after years of destruction and exile. So if you enjoy these kind of story line ups, you will enjoy the game too. The gameplay is super, and interestingly it has a 12 player, multiplayer mode too. Also there is a single campaign mode, which is quite impressive too. You can purchase the game from the link below for $6.99.

Download N.O.V.A.  3


So these were the best of the 4 android action games you might not want to miss.  Its worth trying each one of them if you are looking for some excellent experience on your respective android devices.

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