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Surely, there are loads of choices to test your internet connection speed, be that as it may, a few applications and destinations offer a bigger number of subtle elements than others.

On the off chance that your office’s or home’s Internet connection speed appears to be moderate, then the first step is benchmarking it for utilizing the Internet speed test. This test can offer you a respectably precise insight of the amount of transfer speed which is accessible at the present time.

Internet speed tests are a brilliant way for demonstrating that you’re, or aren’t, getting the exact bandwidth connection from your ISP which you’re paying for.

List of Internet Speed Testing Tools


Speedcheck is a completely ad-free internet speed test with the most extensive guide on how to troubleshoot speed and connection issues – written so even grandmas can understand.

All the things looked into, tends to be the most brilliant Internet pace test. It’s free, quick, and has available to it a huge arrangement of test servers around the world, making for more exact results than normal. Its closest server is ascertained consequently, focused around your IP address.

The keeps a record of all Internet speed tests which you perform and creates a savvy realistic result about it, that you could share online on your favourite networks too. is overseen by Ookla, a boss supplier of the speed test engineering even to the next Internet speed test services.

Speakeasy Speed Test

The Speakeasy’s data transfer capacity test permits testing your Internet’s speed regressive and forward from the short arrangement of server’s areas which you can select manually.

Speakeasy might be to your taste,just in case you’re intrigued to test your Internet’s speed for reasons unknown and any particular locale of the US v/s the closest conceivable server.

Ookla tips the servers and motor to Speakeasy, making it very much alike to the, nonetheless I’ve incorporated this here, owing to its popularity.

The Bandwidth Place Speed Test

The Bandwidth Place is so far an alternate speed test option. It’s dubious if there are various servers in use to help you give more exact comes, anyway I’d figure that there’s one and only.

Like over, the Bandwidth Place works utilizing HTML5.

I wouldn’t make utilization of Bandwidth Place as my primary choice, it may be an amazing choice in the event that you’d wish to affirm results you got from Speakeasy or

Over to You

Ookla has a kind of control on the Internet speed testing space, potentially in light of the fact that they’ve really made it so easy to make utilization of their advances on different destinations, for example, some ISP-facilitated tests expressed above are really controlled by Ookla’s remarkable programming. However, it makes utilization of their own servers as testing point. In those cases, especially when testing your Internet’s speed against whatever you’re paying for, the tests are much preferable over the

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