4 Common Galaxy S5 Problems And Their Solutions

The current Samsung flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5 has been doing good business for the Korean smartphone-manufacturing giant and has sold more units than any other Samsung S Series so far. This makes it a very popular phone but like we know, with great numbers comes great number of problems. Users all over the world face some problems with their Galaxy S5 smartphone. So today, we have compiled a list of the 4 most common problems faced by Galaxy S5 users and their potential solutions.

1. Phone Not Charging Properly

Galaxy s5 charging


Some Galaxy S5 users from around the globe have reported that their Galaxy S5 smartphone does not charge at the same rate as it used to when it was new or in some rare cases, does not charge at all sometimes. Some solutions that could work out for you are:

1.Make sure your phone has not suffered any kind of physical damage such as exposure to water, shock or accidental bumps. Though the Galaxy S5 is water proof- exposing the smartphone to water for periods longer than it is capable of resisting can cause your device to malfunction. In such cases, the only option would be to get it replaced.

2. Use only the original Samsung charger that was shipped to you with the Galaxy S5 as other charging devices have different ratings based on the device’s battery and might cause your device to malfucntion like not charging properly and damaging your device’s battery.

3. Check that the socket you are using for charging the device works properly by using some other electrical appliance with it. Also check the functionality of the USB cable used for charging by attaching it directly to your laptop or computer.

2. Issues With The Touchscreen

Touchscreen lagging or not responding? Experiencing ghost touches? Make sure you check all the following points:

1. The screen-guard on the top of your Galaxy S5 might be causing this problem as is found in most cases. Try removing the screen-guard and check now to see if the problem is now solved.

2. Try restarting your device which is the most common solution to every minor glitch on all smartphones. Restarting your device deletes all the temporary files on your phone including those which might be causing this problem.

3. Try increasing the touch sensitivity of your device by going into Settings>Display.

4. If none of the above options work, try Factory reset on your phone and then turn it on. All the apps would be wiped but you can install them again if the issue has been resolved. If the touchscreen still does not function properly, the only option left with you is to contact your nearby Samsung dealer and ask for a replacement as there is surely a fault in the S5’s hardware or operating system which you cannot repair by yourself.

3. Phone Doesn’t Turn On

Galaxy S5 not turning on


Users have reported that their phone sometimes does not turn on normally, with just the buttons lightning up and the screen staying black. Here are some possible remedies:

1. Make sure the battery is in proper position and all the pins are in their right place and in contact with the device’s pins. If the battery does not stay in place and is loose, try replacing it with a new battery.

2. If the phone somehow turns on, go into settings > accessibility > vision > dark screen and turn off this option if it has been turned on.

3. If you have a protective case on your phone, try turning on your phone after removing the case to make sure the case is in no way interfering with the power source.

4. If the above options don’t work, perform a factory reset on your phone as it is very much possible that one of the apps on your phone could be behaving maliciously due to some bug and causing this problem. You could also try uninstalling all apps one by one and check after uninstalling each app but that would take up much time, so a factory reset is preferred.

5. If the problem still persists, contact a Samsung dealer for replacement.

4. Problem In Setting Up Bluetooth Connection

Galaxy S5 Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection not being set up with other devices? Follow these steps:

1. Clear the cache by going into Apps > Settings > Application Manager > Bluetooth and clicking force stop. Then tap to clear the cache. Restart your phone after that.

2. The problem could lie in the other device that you’re trying to connect your Galaxy S5 to, so reset the Bluetooth settings on both the devices to forget all the past pairings and try connecting again.

So guys, these were the 4 most popular problems faced by Galaxy S5 users around the globe. But this does not mean that the Galaxy S5 is a bad phone. The Galaxy S5 is one of the best Android based smartphones out in the market and Samsung offers a very amazing customer support. So you can always reach out to your nearest Samsung Customer Support Center to get your device checked.

Do let us know if any of these methods solved your problem in the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates.

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