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There is one special thing  on android smartphones, the ease to use internet.In this article you will find top fast 5 free android web browsers.When you are talking about “internet using” then the main thing involved in this task is web browser, although every smartphone has an official android web browser, to some extent this browser works well but it did not meet all the requirements of users.The most often problem which android users face on pre Installed web browser Is ”low speed” and everybody know the Importance of speed in today’s life.To over come these type of problems there are large number of web browser android apps on Google play which give you large number of features In them.Some good android browsers gives features like add ons,themes,screen shoots,different modes,private browsing and lot of other useful features.In this article I am going to present an list of top fast 5 free android web browsers which will make your android device an best tool to surf Internet.Now we shall begin.

1: Boat Browser:

boat android web browserBoat Browser is the first android web browser among top fast 5 free android web browsers.Boat browser! For it you can say that fell In love when I saw It for the first time.You can also express your feelings about boat browser In the comments below.The main functions of boat android web browser are themes and add ons.As add ons provide you the infinite possibilities on browser So It’s the main function of boat browser other thing which I tell Is theme, there are couple of themes which you can download from android app market which will make your browser’s style according to your style.Other main features of boat browser are screen shot,night mode and lot of other stunning features.To download Boat browser from android market just click on the badge below.

2: Dolphin Browser:

dolphin android browserDolphin browser Is the second android web browser among top fast 5 free android web browsers.Dolphin browser also got some very special features such as gestures and user mode.By using gestures you can browser Internet by drawing an gesture on your device’s screen for example you can go to Facebook by drawing ”f” on your android device’s screen if you sets ”f” for ””. In user agent you can set view of your android browser to desktop,android,iPhone and iPad.There are many other special features In dolphin browser like It also supports flash.To download dolphin android web browser just click on the badge below.

3: UC web browser:

uc browserUC web browser is the third android web browser among top fast 5 free android web browser.On open UC web browser an sweet pet puppy will welcome you after this an very beautiful home screen will be displayed which will surely attract you.In UC web browser the style of speed dials looks very attractive and In landscape full screen mode It looks more beautiful.Other features are full screen,night mode,pinch zoom and lot of other features.To download UC browser android app just click on the badge below.

4: Maxthon web browser:

Maxthon Web browser is the fourth web browser among top fast 5 free android web browsers.Maxthon mobile web browser’s home screen contain speed dials in iPhone home screen style.In maxthon mobile web browser you can also change themes to change the style of browser.Gestures are also available in maxthon mobile web browser you can also go forward or back by swipe of your finger.Add ons and night mode are also available In maxthon mobile web browser.To download maxthon mobile web browser just click on the badge below.

5: Opera mini:

Opera mini is the last but not least android web browser among top fast 5 free android web browsers.When you want speedy browsing then opera mini is the perfect tool for you with all basic functions like speed dials,bookmarks,find in page,downloads and share option.By using opera mini you can also get access to passwords and bookmarks of your desktop opera browser.If you want an true speedy browser then just get opera mini by clicking on the badge below.

All these browsers are compatible with all android devices approximately and all are low sized browsers so they will not eat your memory to large extent.By using any of these web browsers you can enhance your experience of surfing Internet on Android devices.I hope you will enjoy them please tell about your experience below in the comments.

2 thoughts on “5 Best free Web Browsers for Android

  • October 16, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    I use Dolphin and I am totally satisfied with it. After Dolphin, I prefer to use Chrome.

    • October 17, 2012 at 10:45 am

      yeah! chrome is also better but most people don’t have jelly bean.


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