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Ever since the launch, Android fans have been going crazy over the much anticipated Material Design. And one must say, Material Design is probably the biggest upgrade to Android look-wise since inception. The philosophies behind the construction of this design concept is just stunning. Smooth transitions, simple interfaces, good usability and playful, what else does an app need to make users come back.

Well, having said enough about Material Design, if you have already explored the Play Store, tons of apps with material design features have started rolling in, for every purpose. Not to our surprise, even Google has updated almost all of its apps to material design. And Google isn’t just it. Here we present you 5 best Material Design apps for your Android smartphone!

Inbox by Gmail

Google Inbox - Material Design

If you’re wondering why Inbox when you already have Gmail installed, try this app and it gives you the answer. The invite-only app is a beautiful mix of your email host and a reminder app. Clean, elegant and highly functional, this app can help you handle and clean your inbox without any hassle. One of the best features could be the Bundles, where organizing your emails has just been automated. Invite feature for Google Apps users is also on the run now.


Cabinet Beta Android App

Cabinet is one of the very first apps to feature material design, even before Lollipop was officially launched. Cabinet Beta is a simple file organizing tool for Android with which it doesn’t anymore seem boring to organize your files and folders. You can jump between directories, zip/unzip files very easily. Though it’s still listed as a Beta version, try it and you wouldn’t find a reason not to rely on it.

Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 Android Launcher

One of the unique launchers we have for Android, Action Launcher has always stood out of the traditional launchers with its out-of-the-box designs and concepts for a home screen. With Action Launcher 3, it has incorporated the material design concepts to make it only more beautiful and friendly. With smooth animations, easy access and usability, this app is perfect for your Android home screen. Action Launcher 3 is available for free on the Play Store; you can also unlock all its features with a $4.99 in-app purchase.


Asana - Material Design Update

If you use task management apps for your team/company, I assume you have stumbled into Asana. Although the previous versions of the app give you enough reasons to ditch it, the latest material design update has just made it the best task-management app for Android. Take your project with you with Asana.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Material Design Update

My favorite app from the list. If you think Inbox and Google Plus are the most beautiful examples of material design, you ought to try the new Calendar app by Google. It’s simple, clean and awesome. Adding a new event to your calendar or browsing through your schedule have never been this easier. And how can I not mention the interactions and animations; you’ll just fall in love with it.

Well, that’s the end of our list. Let us know what’s your favorite app is.

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