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Clash of Clans is the most popular and the top-earning strategy games of all times and I am pretty sure that you would have played it at least once. The game is addictive and it will keep you hooked up to your smartphone for a long time.

However, if a game is popular, there will be several other games similar to that in the market and that’s the case with Clash of Clans as well. There are many strategy games like Clash of Clans available on Android and iOS app stores and you can download the best of them to see if they are better than COC or not.

In this article, we will see some of the best strategy games like Clash of Clans (or its alternatives) that you can play to give yourself a break and try something new.

Strategy Games like Clash of Clans

1. Boom Beach

boom beach

The number one position goes to Boom Beach as it is developed by Supercell, the same studio that developed Clash of Clans. The gameplay is mostly similar but the story is different.

In Boom Beach, you have to protect your island from invaders and make proper strategies to drive out all the evil forces. Moreover, you can join hands with other players from around the world and invade the enemies and free the people that were held captive. There are many adventures to find hidden treasures and power-ups which will help you in your crusade.

Download – Android | iOS

2. Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is a multiplayer strategy game where you have to build your own army and gather resources to become the most powerful player in the game.

This is a real-time strategy game where you have to build your own empire, train your army to become powerful and invade other kingdoms and conquer them in order to survive. If you are a fan of MMORPG games, then this one is the perfect choice for you.

Download – Android | iOS

3. Clash of Lords 2

clash of lords 2

If you like to battle your friends in various games, then you should definitely download Clash of Lords 2 as it allows you to choose from a variety of characters and battle it out against your friends and foes.

You have to recruit from over 40 heroes and their squad of mercenaries and build a base to withstand the attacks of your enemies. You can also activate your hero’s battling skills in real time and join hands with your friends to fight against other players in 9 different kinds of modes.

Download – Android | iOS

4. Last Empire – War Z

last empire-war z

If you love playing zombie games as well as strategy games, then you can download Last Empire – War Z on your smartphone as it is the best in both the genres.

The world is infected by the zombies and it is up to you to keep the people safe from the plague. You have to create a city and train an army to fight the zombie outbreak. You can play a variety of roles in the game and join hands with other players from around the world to create the ultimate zombie-killer army.

Download – Android | iOS

5. Game of War – Fire Age

game of war - fire age

Unlike other strategy games where you are the leader; in Game of War – Fire Age, you have to decide what role you want to play – leader, soldier or builder – and play the game accordingly.

The game is epic as you have to train your army and go into battles where you will face off against monsters and dragons as well as other real players from around the world. Also, when Kate Upton tells you to play this game, you should consider it as one of the best strategy games like Clash of Clans.

Download – Android | iOS

These are some of the best strategy games like Clash of Clans for you to play. They are similar to COC in concept but different in the storyline and the variety of characters. If we missed some great game, then let us know via the comments below.

One thought on “5 Best Strategy Games like Clash of Clans

  • December 30, 2016 at 11:42 am

    I have tried Boom Beach & Clash of Kings which are a very good alternative to Clash of Clans.
    Game of War & Clash of Lords seems very interesting and could be worth the try.
    Thanks for sharing..


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