5 iProblems with brand new iPhone 5

5 iProblems with brands new iPhone 5, What if you get a most desired smart phone after long wait and after paying money for it and then after using if you realize that your most awaited gadget got some serious problems then what will be your reaction! Funny ? Cool? Hate it? Annoying ? Frustrated? Feel worry? Of course you will feel very worry because you sacrifices a lot of things to get your favorite gadget.That’s the same case with iPhone 5 owners not all but close to all because there are facing some problems with their iPhone 5.iPhone owners are facing more than 5 problems with their iOS device but in this article we will discuss only 5 iProblems with brand new iPhone 5.I think now we shall begin talking about “5 iProblems with brand new iPhone 5”.

1: Camera Problem

Camera problem is the first iProblem among “5 iProblems with brand new iPhone 5″. For most people camera is the most important thing in their mobile phone what if your brand new iPhone could not be able to provide you the result you want from it? The brand new iPhone is showing a purple flare around the bright objects in pictures taken by it’s back camera, if you take snaps of sun then you will definitely realize this problem.To solve this problem apple said that ”keep your angle away from lighter object when taking photo”. But I don’t think that this is the real solution for this problem and apple have to think about it.

2: Too light

“Too light” is the second iProblem among “5 iProblems with brand new iPhone 5”. As apple fulfill their promise that iPhone 5 will be the lightest iPhone but a huge negative response about its weight indicated that this step is not good.People are asking that “they wish iPhone 5 get some more weight” because they are feeling iPhone 5 as toy like in their hand.What do you say about it tell us in the comments below.

3: Keyboard flicker

Keyboard flicker is the third iProblem among “5 iProblems with brand new iPhone 5”. This is not a serious problem but it matters a lot because iPhone 5 owners have spent lot of money to get the latest.Keyboard flicker problem appears only when you have to write something in an app which bring the keyboard and it scroll up but the moment when keyboard scroll up then some static lines appear on the screen and disappear and that’s the problem.

4: Light leaking

Light leaking is the fourth iProblem among “5 iProblems with brand new iPhone 5”. This is also not a serious problem but this to matters a lot.Some users complained that when they open screen lock or when they use their device in darkness they see a green light peeping out between the front screen glass and aluminum sides.Some people are saying that this is a hardware problem so be careful.

5: Scratches

Scratches is the last but not least iProblem among “5 iProblems with brand new iPhone 5”. What if you got a scratched iPhone 5 in the box? People have complaint that when they open the box and when they pick the device in their hand they saw some scratches on brand new iPhone 5.That’s really an annoying thing for you if you have a plan to buy iPhone 5 now.
That’s all with 5 iProblems with brand new iPhone 5 but apple have to think seriously about these iProblems if it want to keep continue it’s sale records in the market.

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