5 Most Asked (Missing) Features in Windows 10

5 Most Asked (Missing) Features in Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 Technical Preview and feeling that something is missing, you are not alone. Even if, Microsoft has added tons of new features and enhance old features in Windows 10 but still they should make some changes to fulfill the users’ demand.

Here are the most expected features of Windows 10 stable release.

Top 5 Most Demanded Features in Windows 10

Merge Control Panel and PC Settings

This is one of the most demanded features that should be included in Windows 10 stable release. You know that Windows 8 and all the later versions of Windows provide a separate PC Settings, what lets users check Privacy Settings, Network Settings, User Accounts, Time and Language and so on. On the other hand, Control Panel remains the same as previous version of Windows. However, you cannot do several things of Control Panel right from Control Panel. You will need to open the PC Settings to make the changes. Hence, the problem starts. That is why more than seven thousand people want to get them merged so that they can get an uncluttered Windows.

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Registry Cleaner

Whenever, you install or uninstall any app or do anything else with any software on your Windows, your system gathers tons of junk files in two places. First one is Temporary Folder and Second One is Registry. Although, you can easily remove all files from Temporary folder but this is not possible to clean your Registry editor without having third party software. That is why, many people want to get a junk file remover in Windows so that they can get a faster Windows PC.

Tabbed Windows Explorer

Although, Windows Explorer is pretty neat and clean but still it requires some more features. Among all the required features, Tab is one of the most essential option. You can simply use third party software like QTTabBar to get tabbed Windows Explorer. But that is not what users want. Microsoft should add a tab option instead of Back to navigate to different opened paths.

Add .rar, .7z and .bz2 File Support

Although, Windows Explorer can deal with .zip file but you are supposed to have a third party software like WinRAR or 7Z or GBurner to open those aforementioned compressed folders. You can get 7Z at free of cost but the best compressed file opener, WinRAR needs to buy. So, Windows users want to get the support to open those folders without any software.

Drag App to another Virtual Desktop

Windows 10 has a great option to create virtual desktop. Virtual Desktop can let you manage all your opened apps or windows in a better way. But, if you want to transfer a opened window to another desktop from current desktop, forget that. Windows doesn’t offer any such option to do so. Therefore, Microsoft should add a similar option in order to increase the flexibility of virtual desktop.

Bottom Line

There are also so many features that should be included in the stable release of Windows. What do you want to see in Windows 10 stable version?

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