Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity

No wonder Google has taken over all other web browsers with its Chrome. Having said that, as we all know, one of the best Chrome features is the support for extensions. After Chrome has added its support long back, tonnes of apps started coming into the Chrome Store and today we can find an extension or an alternative for almost every purpose. From checking your emails to setting a timer to managing your social media, you name it!

We all know how tough sometimes blogging can get. If you’re a blogger, you know, you’re supposed to handle a really lot of things. And it takes a really lot of time. With these productivity Chrome extensions, your life as a blogger is going to get easier.


Mozbar Chrome Extension

From the SEO giant Moz comes. This Chrome extension helps you amazingly to analyze SEO. Upon installation, the Mozbar gives you valuable data about the searches, on-site optimization, links and other important SEO metrics. Alongisde, you can also view social metrics of Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

You can also download Open SEO Stats

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

If you’ve been a professional blogger, chances are very likely that you had to deal with a clipping tool or click PrtSc every time, export it as an image and share it using an image sharing tool. Awesome Screenshot is that one tool that can do all these for you. You can simply select an area of the browser, or even capture the entire page/screen and share it with just a couple of clicks.

Or you can always use Blipshot to get screenshots of an entire webpage with just one click.


LastPass, an award-winning password manager, initially launched as an app has now become one of the most used password manager Chrome extensions. Being a blogger, I lost count of how many services I use on the internet; and having multiple passwords, it’s tough remembering all of them. With LastPass, just remember the login password for LastPass and you can keep a track of all your account passwords safely.

Harvest Time Tracker

Harvest Time Tracking Chrome Extension

Yes, this wonderful time tracking app has a Google Chrome extension too. Easily keep track of your time, set priorities and never spend too much time on anything less important. With Harvest, you can manage it all right from your browser window. After all, a must-have productivity app.


Buffer Chrome Extension

This ultimate social media management app has a Chrome extension too. You do not have to spend too much of your time publishing your posts on your social media channels. With Buffer, you can simply schedule them to all your accounts with only a few clicks. And the best thing is, it also tracks the results and keeps the data ready for you on the cloud.

Shareaholic is always an alternative if you want a not-so-pretty-looking app to do the same job for you, but on a wider range of platforms. Bebo, Delicious, Digg, Plurk and over 200+ services.

Tonnes of apps on the Chrome Web Store. Take some time and let us know which one do you like the most and why.

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