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Okay fine, real books are better! I agree but let’s not go there, keeping a thousand knives on my heart, I’m writing this article to convey my message which clearly is giving some reasons to somehow make eBooks win this. Books or eBooks, this is a never ending argument among book lovers, you’ll call me diplomatic but I’m on both sides. I love paperbacks, I love to collect them more than to read but my job involves a lot of travelling and I’m away from home for straight six to nine months (I’m an officer in merchant navy :P), for obvious reasons I can’t carry a lot of books, surely not enough to cover six months, I have to rely on eBooks to quench my reading thirst.

eBooks vs Real Books – Why eBooks are better than Real Books

Initially, I didn’t like staring at a piece of LCD and swiping the virtual pages which turns with a real-page-turn animation, but I really liked the mobility, with eBooks as I was able to carry a hundred books without hiring a cargo company to store them for me. After a few days I was totally into it, I still love real books but I’ve adapted e-technology in reading. Today I’m going to list few reasons which eBooks does better than real ones. I hope you find this article interesting.

Reasons why eBooks are better than real books

1. Mobility

By mobility I mean that you can carry hundreds or even thousands of books straight in your purse or handbag or pocket. This is one of the best things about eBooks and something you can’t do with real books, even if you die banging your head on them, or yes you can if you have size a million purse.

2. eBooks are cheaper than real books

eBooks are way cheaper than real books and helps you save hard earned money. You must agree that many sophisticated books are expensive and many people can’t afford them, so eBooks are real good alternative as they are cheaper and affordable.

3. Instantly Available

Imagine this, you browse your favourite online store and find a great new book there, you place order and it will take at least a few days for them to ship it to you (this statement is irrelevant if you walk into a book store and buy that book). With eBooks you can simply place order and instantly download it and before you realize, you are reading it. You have to agree that it is really a good thing.

4. You can read eBooks with light turned off

People read eBooks either on their phones / tablets or on dedicated eBook readers. eBook readers have an e-ink display which is like paper unlike LCDs. E-Ink displays does not emit light, so they are really good on your eyes. Whether you are using eBook reader or a normal tablet, both have inbuilt light. LCDs emit light and eBook readers have a glow type light which brightens the screen without throwing light on your face. Since both of them have light, you can read books at night when light is turned off. This isn’t possible with regular books, unless you are holding a flash light.

5. Sync books over internet

If you are using Kindle eBook reader or Kindle eBook reading app on tablet, with both you can sync your books over the internet and continue just from the place you left. In short if you read books on any popular eBook reading app then and if you go to another city, country or planet, you buy a new tablet, install same app and connect internet and BAM!!! All your books are there with all your bookmarks, this is just amazing.

Some of the most popular eBook reading apps which have these features are; Kindle, Kobo, nook, flipkart eBooks etc.

So I think few lines are enough to convince that eBooks are something you should try,maybe some people will still argue but eBook are still a good way to keep on your reading habit while travelling.

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