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Hike became a sudden hit among youngsters in India. This free messaging app topped many charts in a short span of time with their mind blowing promotions and marketing. The major reason for the success of hike is that you can invite your contacts and get paid for every contact who joins after your invitation. People can further use their earned money for recharging their mobile, isn’t it great, a messaging app which pays back. There are many other reasons which make hike a better choice, some of the best things about hike are; Hike2SMS- Offline chatting through Free SMS, ability to choose who sees your last seen, rewards, better privacy options, earn money for every invite who joins- redeem it through mobile recharging, hundreds of stickers, chat themes and much more. Hike is truly amazing and brings in lots of fresh features, which enhances your messaging experience.

Hike vs WhatsApp: Life ko thoda Hike kar le yaar


In this article I’ll explain giving five reasons as to why Hike is better than WhatsApp, I agree that WhatsApp has the highest number of users but Hike is a fresh new messaging app for Indian users, so what makes Hike better? Let’s see.

5 Reasons Why Hike Messenger is Better than WhatsApp

1. Control Your Last Seen

Hike has better privacy options than any other messaging app, with hike you can control who sees your last seen, this feature was much demanded by users and was fulfilled by hike. For those who don’t know what ‘Last seen’ is, it tells you when your friend or contact was last online on hike To do that just open hike and go to settings > privacy, there you can enable/disable last seen. Note that only people you add as friend would be able to see your last seen.

2. Offline Messaging

This is the best thing about Hike, with Hike you can send Hike2Hike messages, whats new it that, every messaging app can do that, but with hike you can also send Hike2Phone SMS free of cost. I mean you can send free SMS to people who are not on hike or don’t have internet, yes I mean offline messages. To do that simply open the contact in Hike and write the message you want to send, since that contact doesn’t have internet or isn’t registered with hike, the messenger will display a message saying that the contact is ‘Offline, would you like to send free SMS?’ Tap yes, the message will reach the offline user as regular SMS but you won’t get charged.

For every friend who joins through your invite, the number of Free SMS will increase. So you can continue to chat with offline users without having to pay for SMS plans.

3. Inviting friends for money

With Hike you can invite unlimited contacts by sending a free SMS message and for every contact who joins after your invitation, Hike pays Rs.20 per friend. Once you reach Rs.50 threshold then you can redeem the money in form of mobile recharge which is done instantly. So keep inviting and keep earning more money, once you’ve withdrawn your first recharge then after that the threshold limit will be removed and you can recharge whenever someone joins hike. This is an amazing feature, a messenger app which pays back, you won’t even realize how quickly people will join hike and your balance will increase. No need to buy a recharge card again 😛

4. Sending Files

Have you ever been in a situation when you have to urgently send files like Zip, PDF, word document etc to someone but feeling lazy to open email? Well no more. While WhatsApp only supports media formats like Images, Videos, Contacts etc. Hike supports nearly all formats, you can send whatever you want through hike chat, by anything I mean; docs, PDFs, Apk files, Zip files, Rar files etc. This is an awesome feature, now you don’t have to use email client for transferring such files, you can simply use hike > browse to the file and send Viola!

5. Stickers & Themes

Another thing which distinguishes Hike from WhatsApp is the customization. While WhatsApp offers Emoji and Wallpaper change, Hike along with Emoji, also offers stickers. There are plenty of stickers packages available to download for free. Stickers express emotions better than Emoji and there are several packages of stickers which brings the freshness to the regular messaging. Not only that, Hike also has an option to change chat background, unlike WhatsApp background wallpapers which are only visible to the user, Hike background theme actually changes the background for both the people, yes I mean the sender and receiver.

So these were some of the fresh and new features brought to you by Hike, an Indian born messaging app which pays. So I hope this article was interesting, please give us your feedback.

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