How To Download Music Album Art for Phone using Media Player

How To Download Music Album Art for Phone using Media Player

Album art is nothing but the album cover that you see on your phone in the background when you play a song, almost always it same as that of real physical album covers.

Although most of the albums would come with a pre-defined album art if you have purchased them but if have download music from sources like Napster or Limewire and other networks then it is possible that you might not get complete music album.

Hence, there won’t be any album artwork with that.


You can easily download music album art from the internet but for that you would need Windows Media Player. Any version would work fine. Album art introduces categories into your playlist and thus makes it easy for you to recognize, which songs belong to which album.

Sometimes when you add more than one album, it becomes too difficult to know which song is from which album if you have a mismanaged playlist. I remember listening to a Backstreet Boys’ song thinking it to be sung by Jay-Z.

Album Art also enables you to tag your songs easily; it becomes very simple to find songs when they are collected together in a group.

Steps to download Album Art for phone using Media Player:

Make sure you are connected to the Internet and have Windows Media Player installed.

Step 1 – Open Windows Media Player

Step 2 – Click “Switch to Library” if you are currently in “Now Playing Mode.”


Step 3 – Select the song or album for which you want artwork to be searched. Right-click on the appropriate album/song and click on “Find Album Info”

This action would instruct Windows Media Player to search internet for artwork with the titles same as that of you albums.

Step 4 – Wait for a few second till the search gets completed. Windows Media Player would automatically add a suitable artwork in you album if the name and year is entered correctly

All the artwork is downloaded from an online database that keeps tracks of albums registered, this online database also keeps the artwork file stored.

Step 5 – Repeat this step for all the albums and get their artwork assigned to album too

Once you are finished with this, download these songs into your phone or iPod to experience Album Artwork along with music. This is it.

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