Reduce Printing Costs

Reduce Printing Costs

There are several reasons why you should reduce printing costs (saving trees, tight budgets, etc.). Thankfully, there are also several ways using which you can save costs on printing. In this post, I will show you 5 different ways you can save money on printing.

Printing more on less paper

Fineprint Screenshot

Most printers do not have the ability to print on both the sides of paper.  Nor can they squeeze more than one page into a single sheet. Here comes a powerful print utility called Fineprint. Fineprint is useful software that can help you cut print costs considerably in many ways. Firstly, you can print more than one side on a single sheet of paper, of course the font size looks a little small but it’s still very readable and saves you a page [See Image Above]. Up to 8 pages can be squeezed into one paper sheet. Secondly, it removes blank pages out of the print jobs. Thirdly, it helps you to print on both sides of paper. It achieves by printing all the odd pages first and then asking user to reverse all the printed pages together so that it can print even pages on the other side.

Use draft settings

Draft Settings for PrinterMost printers allow you to print documents in “Draft Mode” or “Quick Mode”. These modes require less ink or toner cartridges than the standard prints but the prints are a little faint.  The draft mode settings can be adjusted in the Printer’s properties in Control Panel.

Select the printer > Right Click and select Printing Preferences> Quality>Details.

In the dialog box that appears, you can adjust the slider between Light and Dark to select the level that best suits you.

Print as PDF

Instead of printing documents on paper, you can save the document as a PDF file. There are several softwares that allow you to do this (For Example, pdfFactory, CutePDF, etc).  Internet Shopping Receipts or some other documents that you are not sure you will later require are the ones that you should consider saving as a PDF file. Later on, if the documents are required, you can easily take a print out of the saved PDF File.

Remove Useless Text & Graphics

This point will be more useful for those who print a lot of webpages, blogs, articles, etc.  Websites we view on the internet are full of graphics, colors and images. These graphics are useless from the printing point of view; therefore should be removed before a page is printed. Also, when one wants to print a specific portion of a website, say an article, the entire stuff surrounding the article(for example, the menus, the footer, recent post list, etc.) are useless and removing them can save a lot of ink.  Many softwares and add-ons can do this job but my favorite is a Firefox extension called Aardvark. When you want to print a page, just start the add-on and mouse-over the elements you want to remove and press R.  The end-result is a clean, clutter free and eco-friendly webpage.

Ecofont ScreenshotEcofont

Some fonts require less ink than others, be it writing or printing.  Ecofont is one such font. The font resembles the popular Arial font but with tiny holes engraved in its characters. These holes reduce the amount of ink required to print the same text as compared to other fonts. While Ecofont is a good idea for you own use or informal communication, using it for formal communication in not advisable.

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