5 Steps To Triple Your Blog’s Traffic Using Discount Coupons

You can increase your social media influence, by simply expanding your marketing arms.

By this, I mean engaging in targeted web promotion that yield better results. On the internet, several tools have been put in place to help you actualize your goals. One of such resources that every blogger and internet entrepreneur should be using is discount coupons.

Online shopping has become a part of our lives. We can’t do without it especially in this tech age. A recent study even reveals that online shopping is going to outshine offline shopping in few years to come. What does this hold for you?

It means you can promote your business, beyond your widest imagination with little or no monetary investment. Several online firms give discount codes to their clients and customers – but only a few people knows where to get it. Let me show you some awesome ways to promote your business using this medium.

1. Advertise On AdWords

You can get over $50 AdWords voucher from leading web 2.0 sites like 100 google adwords couponyolasite.com and webs.com. These sites allows you to build your own website and get it hosted for free. It works like blogger.com, but the sites you build with the former looks like a corporate site.

You can add your business “about us” page and contact features. Aside building these web pages without investing, you also get a huge advertising codes which can be used on AdWords. A proper understanding of pay per click, and how to use it can transform your business from little or no traffic, to avalanche of targeted traffic.

I’ve used this pay per click platform to drive targeted traffic in the past, and I can assure you it works. Just get the necessary knowledge of its usage and step out for action.

2. Build Your Email List

“The money is in the list.” Have you seen that phrase before? Absolutely!

Every internet marketer; bloggers and affiliate marketers knows that to enhance your product sales and make more money, you need to build a list. An email list is simply a database of prospect’s email address and names (optional).

When they visit your squeeze page, the first thing you do is to capture their personal details. This way, even if they did not buy in the first instance, you can follow up with your quality contents, and promote your affiliate products.

Apart from the money you make with your list, you can also build relationships with your subscribers, ask them questions and get ideas for your next blog posts. An email list is that powerful can only be made possible when you use an autoresponder. This service cost about $19 per month, but by using icontact coupon codes, you get over 20% discount. Isn’t that wonderful?

3. Automate Your Business

Do you want to grow your online business, without much effort? Then you’ve got to automate it. Automation helps you to focus on the core things about your business, like researching niche markets, getting into joint venture agreement with a super blogger and launching your information products.

Virtually every project online can be automated. E.g article writing, submission, directory submission, Forum posting and classified ad posting.

There are software creatively designed to help you with these. When it comes to social media marketing, you can schedule your twitter posts, using a free tool called twaitter.com. This way, your tweets and advertising campaigns would be live, even when you’re offline.

4. Secure Your WordPress Blog

Another huge concern for bloggers is the security of their blogging platform. All your efforts can be dashed in the mud, if proper care is not taken to protect your database. There are unscrupulous hackers every where, looking for blogs to hack.

Aside human hackers, what about malware, PC virus and spamware? All these are threats to your wordpress blog, and care should be taken to get them off your blog.

Don’t be a victim. If you’re operating your blog on a tight budget, and cannot afford expensive and full antivirus software, I suggest you use vmware coupon & acronis coupon for your photos and images. It can help you retrieve a bunch of important files.

5. Increase Social Media Influence

Another vital way to promote your business using discount coupons, is on the are of social media. When you advertise on Google, you reach your target audience with the click of a button. When your ads appear on related sites, it’s an opportunity to build quality backlinks.

As your blog spreads across the web, social media users would start to share it, link to it naturally and promote it for you. This helps Google to determine how relevant your web pages are.

There you’ve it, the 5 smart ways to promote your business using free coupons. It doesn’t take much to experience a turn around in your business – if only you take the right actions. Plan wisely, set your goals and take rapid steps – see you at the top!

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