5 Tips to make your smartphone run faster

5 Tips to make your smartphone run faster

Its really annoying for users when they spend money to buy high-end smartphone and doesn’t find the smooth and swift performance they expected before buying. Sometimes even the pro users face problems in getting the best out of their device. If you are either a master user or a newbie to smartphones, here I have brought 5 tips to make your smartphone run faster than usual.

Tips to make your smartphone run faster 1

Disable all types of animations

Animations are used each and every moment while using smartphone like scrolling your screen. These animations make your device laggy sometimes though users don’t get to know about it. To solve this issue you just need to go to Developer options in your System Setting and Switch it ON. If you cannot see developers option anywhere in Settings then go to About Phone section in your Setting and find Build number there, now tap on build number until you get a message saying “You are a Developer now”. Check the options in ‘Drawing’ heading and set them to either 0.5x or turn Animation OFF.



Make your Home screen dirt-free

In starting you will find your home screen full of widgets or shortcuts as default. You don’t need to worry, just drag and remove unnecessary widgets or app shortcuts from your home screen. Though shortcuts or widgets are helpful yet they makes device slow.

Use static image as your wallpaper

If you use live wallpapers or animated images as your screen’s wallpaper then you might feel you battery drains faster as well as your device responds with a bit of lag. Just change your wallpaper to a motionless (static) image to save your battery as well as to run your device downy and fast.

Clear Cached Data of Apps

Every time you use an App in your device, the app keeps some data cached for processing of the opened Apps. Though this helps but overtime it takes up more and more space leaving less room for others apps and media. You can clear cache in Apps section of Settings menu by clearing Cache individually of all Apps. If you don’t wanna clear manually then go for Cache Cleaner Apps in Play Store which are good too. Some of the famous apps of this category are CCleaner, 360 Security etc.

Tips to make your smartphone run faster 2

Uninstall Apps which you use rarely or never used.

Every one of you might know that your android is stuffed with many unnecessary apps by default when you start it first time. If those apps are useful to you then keep it or just uninstall it. Sometimes we have apps we don’t use them usually or use them rarely, its better to uninstall those apps so that we can have more space and memory for better and smooth working of our smartphone.

So which of the above tips to make your smartphone run faster helped you most? Do tell us your reviews and don’t forget to tell us if you have any other great tips for our user, we will appreciate and surely add it in our list.

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