5+1 Things to Remember Before Rooting Android Devices

Rooting your Android Device will let you get around the limitations of your device set by your manufacturer. Rooting is a technique that if done correctly can let you access you a lot of options for your device that would have been else not available to you. But if you are not careful then you may simply accidentally destroy your device (read: bricking your device). Here are six tips for rooting Android devices that we suggest you must pay attention to before you decide to start rooting your device.

#1. Rooting is  Phone specific

Rooting is  Phone specificWhat most people, new to rooting don’t understand is that rooting is a device specific process. Just because a method worked on one device it would work on your device also. Make sure you fully understand the technical details of rooting the specific device that you have.When searching web or forums for methods to root, search using the specific model of your device and not just ways to root Android.

#2. Power up Your Device

Power up deviceTime and again i have stressed on how necessary it’s to make that your device is powered up with a fully charged battery. If your device is not powered up and just in case your device switch offs then,it’s extremely difficult to repair and restore the device.So never try to install a custom OS or ROM with a discharged battery.

#3. Don’t push your Device to Extremes

Most of the users root their devices for increase in performance i.e. a phone that works faster. Every hardware has certain limitations and one must keep this in mind before pushing the device to its limits.  Phone makers often put limits on a device for a reason,say to prevent overheating of CPU,etc.Root users can very easily bypass these limits, but if you don’t know the safe limits then you would better not tinker these settings.

#4. Read and Watch Videos of Rooting

Watch and learn Read as many articles and forums about rooting your device,get to know all the tips for rooting Android device you own,before trying it yourself. It would be even great if you could manage to watch a video of rooting before actually trying it. A video tutorial is always better than plain simple words.

#5. Learn how to un-root

How to un-rootNot everyone is aware but rooting is a reversible process and you can un-root your rooted device. This is very necessary to learn just in case you run into some trouble you may need to un-root your device before actually taking it to service center. Rooting Voids warranty. Just in case you wish to un-root your device read this:

#6. Know were to ask for HELP

help-wantedThere are chances that you may get stuck at some step while trying to root your device, in such scenario it’s quite essential that you know were to ask for help. Online community of hackers who have been involved in developing ways to root devices also maintain a very active community vis forums were most of the common problems are discussed. xda-developers.com, rootzwiki.com,androidforums.com are few best known forums to discuss rooting related issues.You may also want to refer to a few articles on rooting a few suggested reads are:

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    Thanks for the tips!

    There is a typo in #6 heading though-‘were’ instead of ‘where’.


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