6 Best Lightweight Android Widgets that Consume less Battery

Widgets are one of the best feature android has given us. It’s been into existence from android’s beta phase. They let you easily access content right on your home screen without even opening any app. They make you more productive as you need not navigate through different app options to get information. But, these little widgets might be the reason of your battery draining a little. If you’ve got some big widgets that need internet to access information then you got to remove and replace them with some lightweight widgets that consume less battery.

So, here I’ve mentioned some simple and minimalistic widget apps in different categories. These are the type of widgets that you normally use on your phone.

To-do list Android Widget



We all have a to-do list widget or tasks widget to complete tasks of the day. You might be using Evernote or Google Keep. Well they are most feature rich task management apps. But, here I’d like to show a stand alone widget app that can let you quickly add your tasks based on priority and manage them within few taps. If you don’t have much time and you quickly want to type in a task then this simple to-do list widget app can be very helpful. You can set the priority of each task in yellow, orange and red. It’s the perfect lightweight widget for managing a to-do list.

Download: Play Store

Lightweight Weather Widget


Maybe you are a traveller or are doing a 9-5 job. Weather is one thing that might bug you. Well, there are many widgets with great features of animations. But, if you’re in search of some lightweight weather widget then Weather XL Pro App can be the one for you. This widget is so minimalistic and simple enough that won’t eat too much of your android resources. It has most of the features like accurate and detailed forecast, set the update frequency and forecast for up to 10 days.

Download: Play Store

Battery Widget


This is the most simplistic battery app you can have. If you are a kind of person who don’t want to navigate to battery settings all the time to check which app is draining your battery most, then this widget app is going to be very handy for you. It shows you all the battery related information you’ll ever need. It’s not a widget but it shows pop up with battery information when you tap on 1×1 small widget which also show you the amount of battery left on your phone.

Download: Play Store

Calendar Widget


This is the simplistic calendar widget which shows you only calendar. If you just want a very simple calendar which does nothing but show the dates, then this calendar widget is best for you. The pro version of this app lets you add events for a particular day. You can set transparency and layout of the calendar.

Download: Play Store

RSS Feed Reader


This is another stand alone widget app. You can add multiple rss feeds, change the layout and appearance. It is scrollable and totally free without any ads. It is the most simple lightweight rss feed reader. You can quickly read news right from your home screen. It also has a lock screen widget for Android 4.2+.

Download: Play Store

Music Widget


Jack’s Music Widget is very simple and lightweight. It works with all other music players. If you don’t like the widget that your music player provides then you can use this one. This even grabs the covers from the music player. You can change the layout. There are many layouts available. It’s minimalistic and lightweight app with all music controls available.

Download: Play Store

For the clock widget I recommend to use the default one your stock ROM provides. Let us know in the comments section below, if you know any other lightweight widget app that drains less battery and works very well.

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