best android launchers 2012

Don’t you get bored using the same phone every day? The same icons, effects and monotonous features. Ah! Why don’t you buy a new phone? You’ll get new interface, features and icons!

Okay, I was kidding. Everybody knows, it’s better to install a new launcher after a specific time (instead of buying a new phone) so you don’t get bored with your device. Some people prefer not to use the stock launcher, because it doesn’t provide great features. Whatever the reason may be, here is a list of best launchers for Android phones. Choose the one you want, and which fulfills your requirements.

best android launchers 2012

Go Launcher EX

go launcher ex

It is one the most popular launcher, with too many features. Though, some people call it a battery drainer because it uses a lot of power. You can try it on your device, may be it will not suck more power than required. The best thing about this is, you can install themes. That means, you’ll get the same features no matter how everything looks. If you want the features, but don’t like the default theme, you can install any theme you like. Themes can be easily found on Play Store – Search for “Go Launcher Theme”.


LauncherPro is a light-weight customizable competitor of Go Launcher EX. It supports Android 2.0 and above. Unless you were on another planet since years, and couldn’t get time to update your phone’s software, it will work seamlessly on your phone. Although it doesn’t get frequent updates as compared to others, but it’s still recommended by many people and it’s still smooth and fast enough. It also offers live wallpapers and dock with scroll support.



You might not meet many people who will recommend iLauncher, but I like it very much. I’ve used it for a very long time, and there were no issues. It basically provides iPhone-like interface with animation. You can easily uninstall apps from the home screen, and rearrange them by drag and drop. It’s super-smooth, light-weight and looks exactly like iOS. But there’s a catch. It does not support widgets at all. If you’re obsessed by widgets, you can try Espier Launcher. But it does not look good enough. There is no iPhone-like animation, even the icons are not as good as iLauncher.

Nova Launcher

nova launcher

Nova launcher is made for Android devices running version 4.0 and above, which is considerably less in terms of percentage of total users. If you’re one of the lucky ones, get it! A unique feature of this is, you can add 1×1 widgets to the app dock. Also, the widgets on home screen can overlap each other, you can choose which one to show at front and which one to stay back. If you like the free version and you’re willing to pay, you can get the premium version. It offers some extra features.

Apex Launcher

apex launcher

Apex Launcher is another addition to the above – only supports Android 4.0 and later devices. But it’s fast and highly customizable. You can change home screen grid size, add upto 9 home screens, scrollable dock upto 5 pages, a heavy load of transitions and effects. If you fall in love with the free version, you can buy Apex Launcher Pro by spending a few bucks.

Holo Launcher

holo launcher

If you’re running your device on Froyo or Gingerbread, but really like the ICS interface – Holo Launcher is exactly what you need. It’s a Ice Cream Sandwich launcher for older devices. It provides tons of settings to customize the appearance and functionality of your phone. It allows you to customize the grid size for landscape mode and portrait mode separately, infinite scrolling and scrollable dock upto 3 pages with upto 7 icons per page. A unique feature is gestures, which allows you to perform specified functions by different supported gestures.

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