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One of the best things you get when you jailbreak your iDevice is the ability to download Winterboard on your smartphone. With Winterboard, you can customize your phone’s interface. There are hundreds of awesome Winterboard themes available to download through Cydia but here I will present you the 7 best Winterboard themes worth checking out.

When you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad or any other iOS devices then the first thing you would do is change the user interface. The default interface is not as amazing as it should be and the fact that you can’t customize it unless you jailbreak your device is one of the main reasons why people go ahead and do the procedure. Winterboard can be downloaded from BigBoss repo that comes by default when you jailbreak. You can install other repos as well, here’s the article on best Cydia sources and repos.

This list contains both free as well as paid Winterboard themes that you can download from Cydia app. So let’s go through them.

Best Winterboard Themes for iOS 8

1. Andora (Paid – $1.99)

andora winterboard theme

If you love themes that make your phone give a minimalistic feel then Andora is the theme for you. This Winterboard theme give your phone an amazing, soft look with a light icons and a light gradient-type background that looks awesome.

Repo: MacCiti (http://macciti.com/cydia)

2. Aura iOS 8 (Paid – $2.99)

aura ios 8 winterboard theme

Another great looking Winterboard theme that comes with cool round-edged icons and cartoonish feel that gives your iPhone an awesome look. If you love a clean design with little comic elements then this might be the theme that will suit your smartphone perfectly.

Repo: ModMyi

3. 1ONE (Free)

1ONE winterboard theme

Probably the best looking theme that is available for free for iPhone and other iOS devices. This Winterboard theme comes with around 200 icons with 7 different styles including square, round, framed and 3d-style icons. 1ONE also has 7 widgets like Twitter and it comes with its very own settings panel using which you can customize it the way you like.

Repo: ModMyi

4. Aelon iOS 8 (Paid – $1.99)

aelon iOS 8 winterboard theme

The main reason this theme is amazing is that it gives your smartphone a transparent look by changing the icons to transparent ones. If you love a cleaner look and a different style of icons then applying this theme would be a great choice.

Repo: MacCiti

5. Enlightened iOS 8 (Free)

enlightened ios 8

Enlightened is a free Winterboard theme that comes with over 250+ icons and the best thing about it is that the icons doesn’t have background which gives it an awesome look. One thing you should do is you install the IconBundles tweak from BigBoss repo to make sure that all the icons in this theme works properly.

Repo: ModMyi

6. 0bscure 7 (Paid – $0.99)

0bscure7 theme

If you love black on your smartphone then 0bscure 7 would be one of the best Winterboard themes for you to download and apply on your phone. It comes with black icons and you can even apply a black background to make it look dark yet sexy.

Repo: ModMyi

7. Flatish (Free)

flatish theme

The theme comes with big round-edged icons but though they are a little big, it only makes it look more amazing. With dark background and colorful icons it provides a stellar appearance to your phone.

Repo: MacCiti

Those were the 7 best Winterboard themes that you need to install on your iOS devices running iOS 8 or 8.1 and change the complete look of your smartphone.

How to Install Winterboard Themes?

  • Launch Winterboard on your iOS device.
  • Click on “Select Themes” and you will see a complete list of the default themes and also the ones that you have downloaded separately.
  • Now choose the theme that you wish to apply to your smartphone and you are done.

I hope that you liked the article about the best Winterboard themes for iOS 8/8.1 and if you know of other amazing looking themes then please drop your comment below and let us know about it. Thanks!

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