how to use google dns windows 7 xp

how to use google dns windows 7 xp

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) runs DNS servers for you, yet you don’t need to utilize them. You can utilize outsider DNS servers rather, which offer an assortment of peculiarities that your ISP presumably doesn’t.

In this post today we will be talking about various benefits of opting for a third party DNS provider by ditching your ISP.


Outsider DNS servers might be quicker than your ISP’s DNS servers. This isn’t ensured — it will rely upon your geographic area, how close the outsider DNS servers are to you, and how far your ISP’s DNS servers are.

On the off chance that all you think about is speed, speed and speed, you may leap benefits from switching to an outsider DNS service — or you may not. Undoubtedly, I recommend you to run a DNS benchmarking instrument like Namebench, which will make DNS appeals to your current DNS server and different DNS servers, testing the response time of every DNS server.


This goes as one with the conceivable rate enhancements above. If in case your ISP makes a less than impressive display of keeping their DNS servers running quick and stable, you may encounter times when sites don’t load at all or load gradually while the DNS appeal takes eventually to intention. There is a chance that your ISP is not doing an honest job in that case, exchanging to an outsider DNS server may provide you a more dependable experience.

Parental Controls

In the event that you have children at your home and need to set up parental controls, there are a mixed bag of different ways you can do it. One of the least demanding approaches to setup these limitations is to change your DNS servers to Opendns. Change the DNS server on your router and you can setup parental control settings on the Opendns site, permitting you to sort and block certain sites.

Phishing Protection

Opendns additionally performs sorting and blocks access to phishing sites. Present day programs have inherent phishing protection assurance, yet in the event that you run a system that runs on Windows XP running Internet Explorer 6, empowering Opendns will give these machines some additional fraud security they wouldn’t generally have.

Security Features

Outsider DNS servers like Opendns and Google Public DNS have security protocols in action that haven’t yet been used by numerous ISP’s DNS servers. Google Public DNS uses DNSSEC to guarantee DNS requests of users which are kept and processed safely. Your ISP’s DNS servers may not yet be having such security protocols in action for your protection.

A Datacenter (Where the Servers are)

Access Geoblocked Content

Extraordinarily outside DNS services can additionally allow you to enjoy geoblocked content on sites which don’t yet serve in your country. For instance, switching your DNS server to the free Tunlr will permit you to get to services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iplayer, regardless of where you are on the planet. It tunnels your request and makes the providers believe that you are located somewhere else on the planet in the service region of the website. This proves to be a great way to get access to TV shows and movies that the publisher hasn’t yet released in your country.

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