disastrous ios 6 maps

disastrous ios 6 maps

Apple has recently released an update to iOS 6 which should fix bugs that earlier iOS 6 had. But, the question that arises here is whether you can take the risk of upgrading your iPod Touch 4G to iOS 6.0.1, because previous iOS 6 installations on iPod Touch 4G have produced disastrous results.

Before you upgrade your iPod, you should read the following list of things that can go wrong.

Your iPod Touch may slow down

iOS 6 is heavier than iOS 5.1, it uses more resources and therefore it might slow down your device. This happens because, iPod Touch has a limited RAM, and iOS 6 uses more of that Random Access Memory, now, when you’d run a new app, or music, or even a video, it will consume more time than normal.

Heavy apps would crash more often

Some of the heavier games like Real Football and Asphalt used to run smoothly on my iPod Touch 4G when it was brand new, but after a few months, the Gameplay started to get laggy, not to mention, the rare app crashes. With iOS 6, you will observe that heavy apps would crash more often, and may even seize to run.

ios 6 mapsIt may not connect to iTunes

Many people have faced this problem, once they have upgraded their device; they are not able to connect to the version of iTunes that’s installed on their system. iTunes points them to download a newer version of iTunes and doesn’t allow them to sync or backup data. Also, some people say that when they try to sync their device, they get a notification that says, “Your device can only sync with iTunes 10.63,” whereas the upgrade button taken them to download v10.7. – There’s no backwards compatibility.

Even Safari & App Store may crash

These are probably two of the most important apps on any iOS device. There are chances that if you will upgrade your iPod Touch 4G to v6.0, they will crash more often, forcing restart. This can get very frustrating, let’s say, you’re searching for some important app, you find it and the app store crashes, and you’re like WTF. Whereas customer satisfaction Apple?

You may be left with just the startup screen

This is the worst thing that can happen to your device. Several people have posted on Apple support forum that after upgrading to iOS 6, they are left with just the start-up screen, their device isn’t booting and they are unable to connect it to iTunes. One guy posted, “At this point I have a $400 paper weight.” The only way out here is to take your device to the Apple store, where it will be restored to factory settings. This is the best option when you’re covered, but if you’re not, be prepared for some service charges.

ios 6 stocksThere’s no way to downgrade

Once you have upgraded to iOS 6, you can’t downgrade to iOS 5.1 using iTunes. You’d have to wait for Apple to release a future update.

You may lose app advancements

Several iPod Touch 4G users have found that after they have upgraded their device, they can’t access previous data of apps like Garageband. This is rare, because iTunes stores a copy of App data in the backup it makes each time you connect your iDevice. This is also a big problem with iOS 6.


If you haven’t upgraded your device already, you should wait for a stable release for your device. Apple has recently released iOS 6.0.1 which probably fixes most of the problems that are mentioned above, but that’s not confirmed yet. Your best bet right now is to stay where you are, iOS 5.1 works fine on the iPod Touch 4G. I’ll be keeping an eye at Apple support forums and inform you regarding iOS 6.0.1.

One thought on “7 Reasons why updating iPod Touch 4G to iOS 6 may turn out Horrible

  • December 20, 2012 at 6:26 am

    thanks for this review. tried upgrading once from 5.1.1 to 6.0 for my ipod tough 4g, that was HELL. i really did look for a way to downgrade back to 5.1.1. I was like doomed to downgrading for like 3days. I had trials and errors. Finally! I SUCCEED! hahaha. Hope to hear a future review from you regarding upgrades. thanks!


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